Interior Day

PS. Fernando Alexis Jimenez recalled the day that pastor Ramon announced him that he would be at the forefront of Youth Ministry. It was what they had dreamed of! I could not believe it and a strange feeling, that could ever describe, invaded him from head to foot. Fernando believed that this was the fulfillment of his desire to more expensive. I worked very hard. What didn’t make by increasing assistance to meetings of youth? told me some day that we talked about. Everyone in the Congregation admitted that his work had been excellent.

He took care of the smallest details in any event, that watered with abundant prayer. Your mobile phone didn’t stop ringing. Around the clock. He always had a word of encouragement for those who wanted to go back. You’ve made a good job the pastor’s wife congratulated him. But one day it was he who entered into crisis.

I had problems at home and in College commitments were shrinking. To the initially believed that he could handle the situation, then faced the anguish and there it was, a Sunday after the service in the Church, crying like a child, not knowing what to do. The first idea who assaulted his mind was the renounce the Ministry was that the output for someone who was supposed to be, should always maintain mood at the top?, wondered one and again the servants also face crisis start from a premise, a man or a woman called by God to serve him, will always be Christians under constructioninterchangeably cargo that occupy the Interior of the Church. They are not perfect. At the same time serving in the work of Jesus Christ, they are living the improvement process that sometimes will aim to victory, but at other times, toward stagnation or possibly, a setback expected to be not the same person.

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