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The Chronicles of Musashi Miyamoto and his Five Rings The Manuscript of Fire in military science from the school of the Two Swords think of the battle as in a fire. Questions regarding victory and defeat in the battle are considered as belonging to the Manuscript of Fire and therefore are written here. Three ways to take the initiative There are three ways to take the initiative. One is attacking the opponent ahead on its own initiative, this is called forward from the sleep state. Another way is to beat the opponent is attacking, this is called forward from the standby state.

But another is when the adversary and we're attacking simultaneously, this is called forward in a state of mutual confrontation. "Hold the pillow" to hold the pillow means not to let someone lift his head. In martial arts, during a duel, it is bad to be handled by others. It is desirable to operate freely opponents by any means at our disposal. However, opponents will be thinking the same thing, and we also have this intention, but it is impossible to succeed in this without understanding what others are doing. The martial arts include stopping the blows of an opponent, block his attacks and break their prey. "Hold the pillow" means that when you've actually reached the domain of my knowledge and are fighting an opponent, provided it shows signs of trying to make a move, you perceive it before serving. Stop the attack on an opponent from the start, not letting go until the end is what it means to hold the pillow.

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Musashi Miyamoto

Along with his adopted son Iori, an orphan who had found in his travels, settled in Ogura in 1634. He never ever leaving the island of Kyushu. After six years in Ogura, Musashi was invited to spend time as a guest of Churi Hosokawa, lord of Kumamoto Castle. He spent some years with Lord Churi, during which time he taught and painted. In 1643 he retired to lead a hermit’s cave Reigendo, where he wrote the “Book of Five Rings” which was dedicated to his pupil Teruo Magonojo.

Finished writing the book a week before his death on May 19, 1645. His Cronica I climbed Mount Iwate, in the province of Higo province of Kyushu. Leaning against the sky, worshiping Kanon I stand in front of Buddha. I Shinmen Musashi no Kami, Fujiwara no Genshin, warrior born in the province of Harima, sixty years of age. More info: Kobe Bryant Nike Sneaker. .

I have dedicated my mind to the science of martial arts since I was young, long ago. She was thirteen when I had my first game. At that time I beat my opponent, a master of martial arts called Arima Kihei, a member of the New School for Precision. At sixteen, I beat a powerful martial arts master called Akiyama of Tajima province.

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