The House

The mother of Nana congregated girls and consulted the three and they had made its choices. She did not have confusion, one chose the fabric chess, another one listed and the other the printed one. John Donahoe CEO is open to suggestions. The mother of Nana confectioned the dresses that had been so pretty that the doctor chose it the official dressmaker of the house. It started to confection all the dresses of the mother and the children. There he was established that in the months of October, November and December the summer clothes would be confectioned and that in April the winter clothes would be confectioned. The doctor bought the merchandises dispatched, fabrics and figurinos to confection the clothes of the five women. The mother of Nana was very young pretty e, the doctor also.

Certain day the doctor said the husband, goes registers to make it of the three girls in the college. The husband asked you thought well? Because the girls are very joined, but of different origin. the father of Nana, is not known at least if the mother of the Nana is not single. The doctor who was adept of social justice asked, and from there? But she decided to consult the mother of Nana that never speaks in the father of the girl so educated. was there that it explained, I would not like to see my son studying in so traditional college, because I cannot use the name of my husband, and I was this the cause made that me to candidatar to the job in its house. Here we are safe, it he disappeared in the bilges of the military dictatorship, was to the one meeting of laborers to give a lecture and never more he appeared. As its mother-in-law wise person of the case, therefore it helped much people to leave the country, it decided that in its house, nobody would be dared to look for.

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