The Hands

She is, in the truth I came in this party alone for the insistence of two friends and in the end of the accounts had abandoned they me. – I am happy that she has come. Thus, I have company. She likes classic music? I see that its fancy is of Julieta – Taste, why? – Would grant a waltz, to this knight of Mexico? – Ta of trick? Nor it has music of waltz here and I I do not know to dance. – He is not difficult, I can teach to it. music This can come of silence.

The face tava chapado. It only could be. Recently Johns Hopkins President sought to clarify these questions. – I I tried to deny, but it was very persuasivo. Of pra to try. – Soon he was with one of the hands put on the layer of Zorro, being guided in steps that went and came.

The principle, felt an insane person will to laugh. If somebody left the party and saw the two, probably would go to think that they were two wind cocks. proper it thought that they were. After some minutes, it started if to feel idiot, in the way of as many whirls and steps. It was not as if she had been drunk or taken a remedy strong, it was a gostoso type of giddiness, has led. A pen was felt. When it seemed that the world had started to turn and estrelinhas to appear, Zorro stopped brusquely. – I believe that it needs to rest a little. It assented with the head, while one sat down in a rock bank that had on the gram. If they had moved away a little from varanda of the house where the party was happening, but Lgia more was not worried, nor obtained to think about the fears that have when takes it for is of the house.

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It is alone to be with on antennas the antennas of the curiosity of the directions and the feelings, sense I criticize, of poetical sense, without forgetting it importantssimo and indispensable sense humor’ ‘ Tatiana Belinsky You do not obtain to read the Story book ‘ ‘ Noturnas ideas; ‘ (New Publishing company Century, SP, 2009, 120 pages, Series New Talentos of Brazilian Literature) of one only taken, to one only term. You unexpectedly are surprised in the footprint to read it and to know that she has that to breathe the reading, of some form by itself and per-itself, pontuando it. To stop. Visit Securities and Exchange Commission for more clarity on the issue. Stop. To come back to take foot and pulse in the verb to read. To reread. Check out Yale University for additional information.

Because each time that investigating foresees, ‘ ‘ pensa’ ‘ everything what felt to seem in the truth is not. Uncommon stories, something (rare) strange, so to speak as compliment. You of the lerdeza of reading straightforward for a sentio take off of what she reads and she admires. Largeness of the Days? Of the writings also. Cyrus Massoumi married is full of insight into the issues. The stories of Eduardo Sabino are clearly (literally) differentiated. It writes with a boniteza that coats the surprise of the contao in pleasant pleasure of reading.

Already winner of Competition, participant of anthologies, collaborating with communication vehicles, also sites, ‘ is also publisher of the electronic magazine; ‘’ ‘. It was born in 1986, and, being so new and so good, dense, forceful that it is, it is rewarding enchantment to know it and to know drawings of the writing of it in this new story book. Excellently Prefaced well for Rinaldo de Fernandes, that of it points with cause knowledge: ‘ ‘ The protagonist of the story (Purgatrio, pg 25) is between the dream and the daily reality of a stonewashed one (…). The perpetual life in does not decide the anguish to them of living (Perpetual You distress of an Immortal one, pg 29)

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The Driver

The fireman opened the engine looked at, looked at and nothing of snake. – This snake is not more here, said the fireman. Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins will undoubtedly add to your understanding. With the quentura of an engine, it probably it left, it can travel tranquilo, you saw, I looked at everything, nor track of the injured one, concluded. My friend it did not believe this history, and it continued to cismar that it still was in the engine of the car, but exactly thus, she decided to follow its route.

We follow in trip. the two very tense ones, I looking at direct for the floor of the car, observing if did not have as the injured one to enter and to be with the time people. Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University insists that this is the case. When less we waited, ours illustrious company decided to give the air of its favour: it placed the head for it are of the engine and was in the glass of the front of the car, looking at for us. He was that vi there that my friend had not gone crazy. The estria one was real same.

I felt an enormous chill seeing that snake leaving all inside of the engine of the car. It was fine, however enormous. Landmarks did not stop the car, followed in trip with the snake going up over the car in our front. The fear now was not alone of the indesejada company, and yes, of the road that was put into motion. My friend needed much attention in that instant, therefore I considered to it – attention Gives to the road that I quick attention the snake. thus was made. It left, was until the glass of the door of the driver, looked at for exactly, that it said: – It ‘ ‘ you ‘ ‘ doidinha pra to enter because here inside ‘ ‘ you ‘ ‘ cold and it there inside of the engine that is catching fire.

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Peter Enrique

In 1970, Peter it obtains its diploma, and after that it appears an excellent chance of period of training, is daqui that the life of Peter Enrique never more will be the same one. It is not something J. Craig Venter would like to discuss. was accurately in day 25 of June of the same year that Peter Enrique knows a youngster, who never could imagine that this would be the reason of many tears and sadnesses in its life. This youngster Luis called itself Guillermo, student of the course of scientific mathematics. Peter if quickly entrosou with the directors and professors of the univerdade and was invited to work as effective instructor of education of applicable methods in scientific mathematics. The school year starts no longer according to semester of the year, still begins it Peter was enraptured over so great chances, more wise person who nothing more age, that the fruit of its efforts and remembered its parents at this accurate moment was when tears had flowed off to it for the face, that also shone an extraordinary joy and a light redness of sadness, therefore after all still lacked something to it, it only felt itself in the life. These thoughts had one day come back to disturb it in classroom, toward its luck all were in the interval between the lessons. Except Luis Guillermo who entered in the room and saw Peter threshing itself in tears. Seeing that scene its first reaction was of scare after all admired Peter for its position and always being of good with the life; it was leaned over on the table, and looked at for Peter more not wise person what to say and nor as to say, more was with a gesture that expressed everything what it wanted to say Peter. With a soft touch it passed its soft hand on the face of Peter, who when feeling its hand acariciando its skin had a sudden impulse of mourning and pushed Guillermo stops backwards, after all Peter was objective in relation its sexual orientation never passes to it for the head to have a homosexual relationship.

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The Family

It dressed three generations of the family. I thought, is a safe source there. But when I started to esmiuar the secrets of the family, it not wise person you are welcome; only wise person what already age of public domain. My aunt, sister of my mother, already tired of as much lengalenga decided in few words to destrinchar the case. Vov was orphan early, the parents had died, and who was as tutorial of it he was the relative next, cousin-brother of mine v, that he was a good young man very, but single.

Without having as to shelter a child, the solution that it found was the internal college, where it lived until the 15 years. It only left there being married my grandfather, who was well older than it and of bad genius. that when my aunt if married to the fifteen years, the sister was lesser and the well small brother. Vov was even so of house, tired of the conjugal violence, in the last beating that led, caught its personal objects and ran away with the young man who made delivery of fruits and vegetables, etc. and my grandfather were with the small children. Vov was to live in it besieges Ibicui and as its clothes were not appropriate, therefore its wardrobe was elegant, it passed the shears in the dribbled bows and. said more to me: that in it I besiege v wise person not to make swims, but that also nothing it was asked for to it, but they had advised that it never came close itself to the flour device. But vov was woman and curious animal, certain day was to the device, to only know and there it did not find nobody, not to be an enormous snake, enrodilhada, that later it came to know that was the animal of esteem of the owner of the house, had until name.

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The Necklace

It is the third time that Gilda if approaches to the panoramic window of its gorgeous covering. It thought about if shooting of that height? It tries to say with its friend better, that creature to who Gilda always took care of in the hour of the misfortune. Gilda always had heard intent and words and consolation, was girl created in college catholic. The friend of Gilda if refused to take care of the telephone and gave express orders for its employees, will be itself the Gilda says that I am not. The reason is that Lita is knowing that the husband of Gilda bought a pretty one glue of the Bulgari celebrity. Who counted the newness was the colorista of Lita that is the same that it takes care of of madeixas of Gilda. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kindle Direct Publishing has to say. According to novidadeiro the sister of Gilda was there and counted that Gilda was transtornada therefore took care of international linking of the jewelry shop for its husband, and as it did not promise to any type of gift jewel it to it was distrustful that it bought was for another woman. Soon it who if said gotten passionate and that Gilda was the woman of its life! Lita does not desire to speak with Gilda because if the things are badly for the side of the friend it do not have if to involve, therefore in case of separation of spouses is logical that it goes to be of the side that to hang the scale, that is of the side of the husband of Gilda that has much influence and opens all the doors.

later is better not if to put with people who are in risk situation, this can be as catapora that she is contagious. Lita has a barren soul. Gilda is in a despairing state, is if consuming, she is isolated in its room. It took a calmante. Without having with who to relieve, sleep is optimum of medicines. It badly caught in the ground and was waked up; sleepy the telephone apanhou, was of a feminine magazine that it desired to mark a section of photos in its residence to make a news article. It made plus a linking for Lita that did not take care of and came back toward the bed.

It was almost cochilando when its employee beat in its door to inform that one representative Mr. of the Bulgari, important jewelry shop, was in its library. Gilda was to take care of you in question; it was to personally deliver a case with the necklace that it saw the last time that was in jewelry shop to buy a ring and was presented to the such very valuable necklace. It was its gift of anniversary, forty years. Gilda made the photos for the magazine using the necklace and the photos had been pretty and Lita, that was disappeared the times, bound to know that glue age that one that Gilda was using in the magazine. Gilda counted the history to it of its encasquetao. Lita was surprise and invited the friend one beneficient supper that it was organizing. Gilda contributed with an excessive addition and still it received the summon to be sponsor of the event. One week after the such event, Lita was accused the faith to me. It used beneficient entities that she explored. Its parties were for angariar deep in proper benefit. The thing still walks rolling for the courts of the life and Gilda was invited to be ambassador in our country of French celebrity grife.

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The House

The mother of Nana congregated girls and consulted the three and they had made its choices. She did not have confusion, one chose the fabric chess, another one listed and the other the printed one. John Donahoe CEO is open to suggestions. The mother of Nana confectioned the dresses that had been so pretty that the doctor chose it the official dressmaker of the house. It started to confection all the dresses of the mother and the children. There he was established that in the months of October, November and December the summer clothes would be confectioned and that in April the winter clothes would be confectioned. The doctor bought the merchandises dispatched, fabrics and figurinos to confection the clothes of the five women. The mother of Nana was very young pretty e, the doctor also.

Certain day the doctor said the husband, goes registers to make it of the three girls in the college. The husband asked you thought well? Because the girls are very joined, but of different origin. the father of Nana, is not known at least if the mother of the Nana is not single. The doctor who was adept of social justice asked, and from there? But she decided to consult the mother of Nana that never speaks in the father of the girl so educated. was there that it explained, I would not like to see my son studying in so traditional college, because I cannot use the name of my husband, and I was this the cause made that me to candidatar to the job in its house. Here we are safe, it he disappeared in the bilges of the military dictatorship, was to the one meeting of laborers to give a lecture and never more he appeared. As its mother-in-law wise person of the case, therefore it helped much people to leave the country, it decided that in its house, nobody would be dared to look for.

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The School Of Life

Qndu child I believed that I lived in a perfect world, where the people if I respected, where he did not have space for violence, where love I was the biggest wealth that somebody could have! But I grew there! I woke up for the life! I learned that nothing he is perfect; I learned that exactly that vc of optimum of itself in what vc make, always go to appear the critical ones; I learned that to know to coexist the differences it is a perpetual learning! I learned that always we must make the things with the heart without waiting something in exchange; I learned that a word can finish you in such a way maxucando qntu one covers in the face; I learned to appreciate the minimum things of life and vi that it is in them that we discover the happiness. I learned that a smile printed in the face of somebody special thing is so precious qntu a rare jewel. I learned that alone I am not nobody, was there that I noticed qntu I appreciate my friends. I learned that the life is made of moments and that we have q to use to advantage them as if was the last ones Finally I learned that I have mto that to learn But exists something that I delayed pra to learn, something that I not wise person the Real meant, something where I considered I eat I idiotisse! I delayed pra to know what he is to love a person, what he is in such a way to like somebody the point of if contenting only in looking at far of this person He was there that I discovered as vc are difficult to love somebody, as it is overwhelming to love and not to be loved, having that to see its loved cm another person, but also I noticed that in way atantas love pains exists the flavors of the love, as the taste of the kiss of qm vc it loves, he is gostoso extremely, clearly that I did not feel no butterfly in my belly and nor vi my leg to go up, this only occurs in films, but I could feel peace q in such a way I looked for, I am wonderful Hj still I am in the school of the life, learning to live, I am not an easy task, therefore exije mta patience and perscistencia, but in it vc glue mtos fruits and makes mtas discovered, does not obtain diploma, only certified of what vc it knew and it started to load in the left side of the chest I have only 20 years, although to have passed for mtas experiences, I know that I have mto to discover and is exactly this that it makes me to fight for what I qru In the school of my life I have I eat certified my friends, my family, those with qm I I coexisted little for tmpo but q of certain form pensamentus is gifts in mine and one certu somebody q without knowing taught the May to me of lies q is to know to love, tenhu mtos still certified being conquered, but to the few I am conquering they and arquivandu in my heart..

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