Glazing Of Balconies And Loggias

How to safely protect yourself from city dust, dirt, noise, machines, atmospheric phenomena? It has long been known that this will help the plastic window. Today we will talk about how to glaze your balcony or loggia. Subject fairly urgent, so As soon as the rainy fall and all that is stored on your balcony will be cold and wet. Before you start glazing a balcony or loggia, note how a glass of your neighbors. If neighboring balconies already glazed, see how it’s done.

If for example, broken down by 5 folds, and then try to glaze your balcony as well. Perhaps check out David G. DeWalt for more information. This will keep the architectural integrity and appearance. You can order a frameless glass to your balcony did not stand out from the crowd. Frameless inferior to the normal characteristics. It is less tight, but more beautiful. In Frameless safety glass is used instead of glass. At insulation ceiling, side walls and the floor you can turn your balcony or a loggia in the same grade placement, as well as the main rooms of your apartment. The temperature in winter there will be 14-16 degrees higher than outside.

Consider all moments associated with warming in the design phase of balcony glazing. You will provide additional protection from the streets adjacent to the balcony room. The average lifespan of plastic windows is about 40 years, making improve your balcony durable. Currently manufacturers are offering plenty of choices of glazing and design solutions, opening different windows, different in quality furniture. Double-glazed windows offer a mirror, sun, energy efficient windows. You will be given the opportunity zalaminirovat profile using a wide range of colors of materials. Do not forget the accessories: screens, Window sills, blinds, canopies. Consider the right wing to be able to wash the windows on the balcony. Please note that gruhie windows are only for the first floor on the upper floors because you simply will not get to distant parts of the window and they will remain dirty.

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Azure-Two In One

Azure (glazing compounds) combine the properties of the impregnation and coatings. They are transparent, add some glitter on wood, and at the same time creating her strong, but flexible shell. They are perfect to protect the material from water, but allow the wood to breathe. Azure makes the wood more resistant to adverse weather conditions, particularly UV radiation. Many of them contain a part of an antiseptic, which protects the wood from mold, blue.

These blue and decorated with wood, and perform the function of impregnation. Lazuli, as well as impregnation, emphasize drawing layers (and the worse will be sanded surface, the more this image will appear and the contrasting it will look like). They may be semi-gloss, semi-matt or matt. Some blues are thixotropic. This means that their density is very high, which prevents runoff during applying them to the surface. The market can meet the following glaze: acrylic. It is water-soluble blue.

Binder in them, which acrylic resin. Their advantage is that they dry fast – about three to four hours. Recommended for indoor use; alkyd. These blues may be water soluble or solvent-based (most often white spirit). Binder is an alkyd resin. About 24 hours drying time; Oil and alkyd-acrylic-oil. Their binder – it's an alkyd (sometimes acrylic) resin and linseed oil, and solvent – white spirit. These coatings provide a surface on the wood and dry film strength about 24 hours. alkyd-urethane. Their solvent is mineral spirits, and a binder – polyurethane varnish. High resistance to mechanical damage. About 24 hours drying time. They can be used both inside and outdoors. Almost all blue if desired can be tinted in different colors. Tagged as: dignity, and blues material, density, surface, surface impregnation process, solution, properties, durability, color

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Sweden Wood

For the first time became accessible to Pinotex ordinary consumers in 1959, after an extensive advertising campaign. In 1961 he appeared on the German market in 1962 – Sweden, and in 1963 was carried out in Finland. From that moment, was recognized by the European Pinotex potrebitelemi as the most reliable and environmentally friendly means derevozaschitnoe. Teksturol. For the construction and protection of wooden houses from various unfavorable factors fit Teksturol quality antiseptic for wood and make beautiful natural wood decorative coatings. Antiseptic and decorative composition Teksturol famous for providing comprehensive protection and safety of the tree for a person. All products Teksturol – antiseptics, impregnation of wood and paint suitable for interior and exterior through a deep solvent purity and optimum content in the product number of biocides (Acima, Switzerland).

To process the logs wooden house Teksturolom better to wait to dried wood. Because of the better it will be absorbed into the wood structure. Teksturol recommended for treatment of new and previously painted, as well as loose and porous surfaces. Especially recommended for surfaces that are exposed to an active moisture – walls of wooden houses and saunas. Teksturol protects against weathering, forming on the surface weatherproof film.

The protective composition protects against fungi, mold, algae and natural aging of the wood. Despite the presence in the market for wood preservatives with a film-forming effect (paints and varnishes), experts still recommend the use of systematic, phased protection of the wood. In this case, first applied flame retardant, then the surface is treated antiseptic preparation, if necessary, then applied coatings. In this scheme, each caused by the composition penetrates into the wood to maximum depth.

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Glazing House

What is a home owner, for once, and never thought of glazing room? More precisely about what material to choose or what the manufacturer preference? After all, the modern market is full of a wide range of products and choose from it is what good would all in harmony with the walls and pleasing to the eye, it's hard. To be determined, we advise you to close your eyes and imagine your dream home. What are there windows? No matter how strange, but most people are just made of wood windows. Often, a country house is in addition to the existing house, or a family estate. This house is built very punctually, it put his heart and soul and putting into practice all dreams. And how can we do without the wooden evroonok? Wooden windows of good timber should be an integral part of a country house. All that is required from his master, it will be determined with design, color and other characteristics. Wooden euro-windows are an excellent part of the interior of the house.

They are great to fill the house comfort, especially in combination with wood floors and well-selected furniture. They perform all functions of the current euro-windows, but differ in sophistication, which is inherent in the classic windows. In the house made of wood is put only windows made of wood. Eurowindows of a material such as polyvinyl chloride have lost its leadership position in our time. Today, people choose wooden euro-windows, which are not in their functionality can not be distinguished from PVC, and even more, have a number of positive characteristics. Structure and windows of wood can be very diverse, well that contemporary fittings leading firms only contributes to this: with rotating, hinged or sliding doors, wooden frames for the arched doorway, stained glass windows. Wooden windows stepped far forward. Everything is limited only by imagination client or the designer, as well as good taste.

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Fence Building

We can say that the fence – a business card site. The fence makes the site a complete and attractive kind. Austin Film Society can aid you in your search for knowledge. It outlines the boundaries of your land, protecting it from intruders and prying eyes. Consider first the materials from which to build a fence. This brick, wood and metal. Brick fence would look good if you are on a site a brick house.

If any of the brick buildings there, such a fence would be out of place. Welded steel modular fences are suitable for fencing large areas, such as kindergartens, schools and businesses. Fences made of mesh suitable for fencing sections of the neighbors of each other. When there is need to close the area from prying eyes, it makes sense to use decking. If you want to have a sophisticated fence, you should pay attention to the wrought-iron lattice. Their production costs more than any other option, but it will look much better than.

Type of fence. The first thing you need to decide what kind of fence you want. This can be either open fence, through which all can be seen on your site, or continuous fence that completely covers your territory from passers-by. If you decide that you will approach an open fence, then the choice will be one of the following options: – mesh fence – a fence of metal sections – a fence made of wood, with gaps between the rails – forged metal fence. If you prefer a continuous fence, then choose from the following options: – a fence of corrugated board – a fence made of wood, solid – a fence made of brick – a fence made of concrete panels. A solid fence will hide you from prying eyes, reduce noise and dust on the site. But there are disadvantages: such a barrier casts dense shade, which is not really like most garden plants.

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