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Distinguish 3 main causes of the negative external reactions to honey: honey part of the pollen can cause a reaction organism, but that’s probably allergic to the plant), honey – the active absorbent – it activates the body cleansing process and this process may be accompanied by a rash and inflammation of the skin (so your body gets rid of toxins). idiosyncrasy components of honey (as previously mentioned – very rare). Johns Hopkins President may find this interesting as well. Does the honey in the treatment of allergies? The fact that honey is used in official medicine in many countries, few know, but it is proven fact. Useful properties of honey are inexhaustible resource for the treatment of a huge number of diseases. The peak of the medical research on the use of honey in treatment time in the second half of the 20th century (1940 to 1980s). Introducing honey in the basic course of treatment, or making up his only honey, doctors sought full recovery of the patients (without relapse) in 80-90% of observed cases.

This once again confirms that the honey, for his helpful properties can be related to medicinal products. Medolechenie applied in cases of allergy treatment. The thing is that activating the protective functions of the body, honey strengthens the immune system. Allergy same – it’s changed the immune system when the body is, by contrast, shows sensitivity and susceptibility to allergens. The experience of Western doctors in medolechenii shows that long-term use of honey in small doses frequency and degree of manifestation of allergic reactions is reduced.

The difficulty lies in the treatment of choice right kind of honey, dose and route of administration. Each case requires individual approach. So if you have Yet there is a predisposition to allergies (pseudoallergy) for some products, but you want to eat honey – try to enter it in the diet of small portions. Good luck! Our recipe for health every day: dissolve 1-2 tablespoons spoon in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink up to 1 hour before or after a meal. This will strengthen the immune system (2 tbsp. Tablespoons honey – the average daily dose), and have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, heart, liver and whole body.

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Do we always are ready for winter, which, as it does not wait, still comes unexpectedly? Doctors advise tirelessly 'to prepare the sleigh in summer' – take a multivitamin to move to a balanced diet and hardening of the body – long before the onset of winter, but we, Russian people, often prefer to live by the principle that 'if something can not do, it's better not to do it'! That remains our long-suffering immunity unprepared for 'hardship and deprivation 'cold months of the year. How do we survive the great winter? And, as the statistics for monitoring the health of the population, the incidence peaks in autumn and winter from year to year do not become less, despite the magic bullet drug oversaturated market, no shortage of variety of seasonal clothing and improving all the comfortable conditions of life of modern people. Has become absolutely everyday expression 'through the winter' means that in winter all of us have a hard time. The coming winter is accompanied by a sorrowful sigh, sneeze and cough, many of our sick countrymen. Continue to learn more with: Richard Linklater. Another trouble – in the winter easy as never gain extra pounds! And finally, the 'third kit' that accompanies our winter reality – it's prone to depression, despondency and joyless mood 'Thanks' to which 'the experience of winter' becomes painful melancholy pastime. All of the above phenomena have explanations that we all are well known. With the onset of cold weather is activated many viral infections, to meet that and get sick at this time 'under strength' of each. .

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