Oeun Brothers

My life changed radically at the time of marriage. The responsibility that my mother taught us, was released in me. I was lucky and as I say, thank God, to keep me in a stable marriage (until today) a childless marriage by divine will. My brothers were not able to maintain stable marital relationships. Apart from this, the largest evangelical and decided to become the youngest to date, consumer a sociala liquor. (I use this term that gives the people who drink alcohol at weekends).

I always wonder this: yQue what happened, if the three studied in Catholic school, and college of priests? My mother now lives with my brother, and unfortunately is at a considerable distance to mine, that's why it makes it very difficult to visit, but not impossible. Toronto Maple Leafs may not feel the same. I mention this aspect because they are constant complaints of my brothers, do not visit often. My mother and my brothers think that the main reason of this fact is that I am a saco largoa a Oeun trodden by esposaa and a que my wife keeps me from going to visit my madrea . And why make this statement? A few months ago, my younger brother (moved from cups) phoned my house and in my absence, told my wife, she was a ma . because they let me go to visit my Mom.

My younger brother has more opportunities to visit my mother for not having a stable married life. My wife decided not to go to visit my mother with me, to not cross with my brother. Since then I try to visit my mother more often, but go alone. The day I mentioned this incident to my mother, I said: a caramba, your brother every time he is out of cups, and behaves that way, talk all you have in your heart, I have already you must understand that his brother, his brother is weak and should comprenderloa . I deeply regret that my mother thinks I'm weak, but ydebil in what? Depending on the context of the assessment: Character a debil I rather than a debila had been, seeing that he could not have children with my wife, children had searched the callee en a with another woman. But my mother is a person of advanced age and consideration, not could I get into detailed discussion. Not to judge anyone, (and less if it is, my mother and my brothers) would have to make an assessment, cold and analytical of the event. I think that is unacceptable, the fact of knowing that the black sheep of the family, who had drug problems in his youth, who was always irresponsible; were to maintain a stable relationship of marriage. Always try to keep this idea in order to understand my mother and brothers, and by doing so never have to judge them or criticize anything.

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