One of the shorter and more powerful with a woman words is: no, of course you should know to use it in a subtle way, to not look like a jerk or rude. A common problem with men who try to conquer or fall in love with a woman is that everything say you if. Man falls into this trap thinking that with all these if you are each time closer to come up with something with that woman, but the reality is another, while more if say a woman, more you degrees before her eyes, she sees you as a man who has no authority, virtually everything that you said to you is an order, no matter what they tell you your always respond with a Yes. The other problem you always say that if a woman is that she is always in position to control any action between the two, when your you propose something and she tells you that no, longer time then the authority with which she tells him because he feels and perceives that you are not in a position to propose, because you’re always agree in everything she tells you, and thats a big problem for us. The only way to avoid this is by imposing your authority as a man and as a leader, tries to say no at some point, so that women perceive that you have authority and you’re not a passive man who always goes with the stream and never proposes anything. Control in a relationship is shared and must not be a dictatorship of one side only..