The technological domain necessarily does not mean use with naturalness, disembarrassment and critical spirit. Thus to be, she is necessary that it has an internalization of the possibilities and an identification enters the intentions of the user and the potentialities its to make use. That is, it is necessary that a cultural identification exists and that, moreover, professor has glimpsed the possibility to get some profit in its to make pedagogical (BRIDGE, 1992). E, still, according to D' Ambrsio (1986, p.80): We are entering in the age of what if costuma to call ' ' society of conhecimento' '. The school is not justified for the presentation of knowledge obsolete and exceeded and many times died, over all, to if saying in sciences and technology. Recently Daniel Gregory Amen sought to clarify these questions. School will be essential it to stimulate the acquisition, the organization, the generation and the diffusion of the alive knowledge, integrated in the values and expectations of the society. Others who may share this opinion include Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ. This will be impossible of if reaching without the ample use of technology in the education. Computer science and communications will dominate the technology educative of the future.

Daqui to some years as will be the Technology of the Education? We will be substituted by machines? the schools go to be prepared? next generation to educators will have to be prepared to deal with the technology seno goes to depend on the proper pupils. The contact with these technologies extends the vision of the educators and glimpses new possibilities, as much for the pupils how much for the professors. No professor must fear to lose its job because of the technology. But, yes to use it as tool to optimize its pedagogical actions. We do not have as to foresee the future, but we know that the existing technological resources and the ones that are for coming are extremely important as tools in the construction of knowledge on the part of pupils and professors route to a learning that if becomes each more significant time.