Until not too long ago the treatment dental was regarded as a luxury treatment and that not all people had access to it. But the thing has changed radically, since this technique has become a very common practice that increasingly more people are submitting. The desire to undergo a dental treatment is different depending on the person. Some people do it simply for aesthetics since your enamel color is dark and is the only way to clarify it. On the other hand are smokers, that tobacco to yellowed teeth and money laundering is the best solution to give back them the White smile. In addition the whitening is also indicated to remove other stains such as red wine or tea. Gain insight and clarity with Gerald Weissmann, MD.

In technical terms the tooth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that is able to reduce various shades leaving teeth whiter, and therefore healthy. Using a gel that Act and can chemically reduce Carian shades within the same color of the tooth. The good news is that this process does not cause any wear in the enamel, so it is a safe method for denture. Still and so many people who want teeth whitening are hesitant to do this because it gives them fear that it could damage the denture. Best to be sure that we want to do is inform well before making it, there are increasingly more methods for carrying it out, and we can choose that best suits us. The options we have for tooth whitening are two: the realization of the same in a medical clinic or beauty centre, or through the new tooth whitening devices which allow to perform in the House. The latter system has emerged recently and is still the most demanded since it is less invasive for the teeth and can also be applied in the comfort of home.

One of them is the bleaching dental professional River system. Thanks to this bleach you can get a white, healthy smile with the security of a prestigious brand. Bleach River uses the technology of blue light which clarifies several tones without damaging the enamel. In addition, another advantage is the price, since it comes much cheaper than treatment in a clinic and the same results are obtained.