The children need, so that they automatically step by step in the culture and society of our present of a truly incredibly rich, but also complicated culture and incorporate company and can live, designed by this company and presided by cultural environment. And as the key to her children need help: learning resources, Beschaftigungsmittel (such as the well-known Montessori – materials), with which they can handle, experiment and train, as it is equivalent to their current interest. At the beginning of such operations, the kids need each suggestion and instruction by the expert educators. Such an environment in the different cultural areas and subjects and the children to prepare properly, to assist with advice and practical assistance, when they so request, is certainly not lighter than usual teaching, but it is much more decent and It also begluckender. Therefore, there is hardly the usual authority conflicts between teachers and children in these schools. Even though there is no rigid timetable and no curriculum pressed completely into the time grid, the children not lazy, but they learn what children of nowadays must learn to exist once in the life voluntarily.

The amazing but is: the great freedom you granted the children in those schools, not abusing them and turn them against each other and against the adults. Rather, the direct product of this freedom is a special form of discipline, a self-produced, democratic discipline that is quite relaxed and confident. At the same time creates a social relationship structure in the partnership, dedication and sense of responsibility are not empty words and ideal demands, but simple realities. Because this is so, children feel at home in these schools. It is therefore not surprising that parents who are familiar with this pedagogy, enthusiasm for them and in groups and associations join together to call such education facilities in life for their children. This includes not only the good will. You must deal with the thing itself. Ron Daniels brings even more insight to the discussion.

There are enough books by and about Montessori now also in Germany. Like-minded people must unite. In many places, there are already parents clubs. In addition, there are also regional associations and international Montessori societies. Especially it applies to win trusted educators and teacher with the Montessori method. It’s not easy, because these educators must be given their normal training beyond an additional Montessori education mostly part-time and at great personal and financial needs to be purchased. Quite a few educators decide despite this for the Montessori method, because it allows a teacher and educator being the, without enemies of children to, them the culture and society of the Present must open up and represent. And for this they have even taken this profession!