The Calling is a band of rock of the United States formed in Los Angeles, in California. Its first formation was composed for Alex Band (vocal), Aaron Kamin (guitar), Billy Mohler (low), Sean Woolstenhulme (guitar) and Nate Wood (battery), being Sean substituted for Sean. Another formation was of Alex (vocal), Daniel Damico (guitar base), Justin Meyer (battery), Justin Derrico (alone guitar) and Corey Britz (low keyboard). The band had its beginning with the effort of two brothers Alex Band and Aaron Kamin. Alex Band (vocal) and Aaron Kamin (guitar) had still formed a partnership justinha in years 90 in its native city of Los Angeles. The two if had known when Aaron namorava the sister of Alex. The romance did not last, but the musical linking between the two took off: they had recorded some demons, that had led to the neighbor Ron Fair, veteran of the fonogrfica industry.

Made an impression with the potential of the pair, it contracted them to Fair for the RCA, it took but them to more than pass for a long learning five years forced that them to perfect its art. ' ' At the time, pesadelo&#039 was one; ' , Alex says on ' college interno' the one that was submitted. ' ' But today we see the reasons that had taken in them to that, and that it made the direction all to wait to record the first record. It swims happens &#039 by chance; '. The producer taught they who a possibility if would only present. It came in Camino Palmero, of 2002. The record delayed some months to take off, but as soon as this happened, Alex and Aaron the queridinhos of all had become. Musics as ' ' Wherever You Will Go' ' ' ' Adrienne' ' they had taken the record beyond the two million and way of vendidas copies, while the band travelled for the world, having angariando fans of Brazil to Thailand.

Songs of the Calling had also entered in films, as Showbar, the demolisher, Candy home and Simply love. Later, they had been indicated to the prize of revelation in MTV Europe Awards, while ' ' Adrienne' ' the best song of rock in the Teen Choice Awards was elect. As well as they had known, without haste, to use to advantage the time that had, Alex and Aaron (folloied by Sean Woolstenhulme in the guitar, Billy Mohler in the low Nate Wood in the battery) had worked Camino palmero for a long time, and had used to advantage each drop of the success that they had gotten. Its as record, Two, were launched in June of 2004. For more information see ForeScout Technologies Inc.. In the position of queridinhos of recorder BMG, them they had had the luxurious contribution of the legendary Clive Davis, president of the company, that collaborated with the production of some bands. The versatile guitar of Aaron to the front, the record mixes the privacy acoustics to a vision macro of pop. After the record, the band left in turn. In case that you want to know more on the work of the band, you look the letters of musics for the Internet, you go to be well easy to find the letters of the Calling.