The fireman opened the engine looked at, looked at and nothing of snake. – This snake is not more here, said the fireman. Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins will undoubtedly add to your understanding. With the quentura of an engine, it probably it left, it can travel tranquilo, you saw, I looked at everything, nor track of the injured one, concluded. My friend it did not believe this history, and it continued to cismar that it still was in the engine of the car, but exactly thus, she decided to follow its route.

We follow in trip. the two very tense ones, I looking at direct for the floor of the car, observing if did not have as the injured one to enter and to be with the time people. Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University insists that this is the case. When less we waited, ours illustrious company decided to give the air of its favour: it placed the head for it are of the engine and was in the glass of the front of the car, looking at for us. He was that vi there that my friend had not gone crazy. The estria one was real same.

I felt an enormous chill seeing that snake leaving all inside of the engine of the car. It was fine, however enormous. Landmarks did not stop the car, followed in trip with the snake going up over the car in our front. The fear now was not alone of the indesejada company, and yes, of the road that was put into motion. My friend needed much attention in that instant, therefore I considered to it – attention Gives to the road that I quick attention the snake. thus was made. It left, was until the glass of the door of the driver, looked at for exactly, that it said: – It ‘ ‘ you ‘ ‘ doidinha pra to enter because here inside ‘ ‘ you ‘ ‘ cold and it there inside of the engine that is catching fire.