Its main practical they are: reforestation formation and adequate handling of pastures, cultivos in bands, control of the weedings, bands of trees, covering of the ground with straw or acolchoamento, being sufficiently beneficial in the control of the erosion, therefore is based on the beginning of covering the ground, thus imitating the nature, supplying organic substance and sombreamento to the ground. According to exactly author for inclined ground, little fertile or very eroded the implantation of the forest more is recommended if the natural vegetation will have been destroyed. It must if also plant pastures in areas where the farmings are more difficult to be adequately protecting against the erosion such as grass for cattle must be constructed and be subdivided so that capins of pasture has time of if always remaking keeping the ground covered. Being thus the vegetation she is of utmost importance in the containment of the erosive processes, therefore it stabilizes and protects the ground displayed protecting it of the impacts right-handers of rain, preventing the erosion being a measure of control of soil erosion and preservation of the place and the environment. To know more about this subject visit Carson Wen. PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS In accordance with Gil (2007), all exploratria research has for objective the knowledge on the object to be studied so that if they can get information regarding the phenomenon in study. In such a way the metodolgicos procedures of the research had been developed in (03) three phases: in the first one the survey of bibliographical references was developed, research made in books, magazines and Internet. The second phase was developed in three (03) stages that we will detach to follow: – First stage; photographic registers and notations in the field passbook had been made, with comment and register of the studied area. – Second stage; we apply the technique of monitoramento with the props that in accordance with War (2002), is one technique adjusted for the studied area, had been confectioned five props wooden of more or less 30 cm and then they had been fincadas in the ground with a distance of 1 meter of the edge of the soil erosion, to get the data of its evolution.