Why the man speaks? One gives credit that for the necessity of if communicating of verbal form, and then it starts to create possibility of agreement between itself and the others, however, register of the beginning is not had of speaks. When a baby, independent of social classroom is born and in a family whom a minimum of structure has cause a great joy for all the family and familiar. They are had, for times I cry, it, but, I cry of joy. All? almost all? they want of certain form to talk with the just-been born one and normally they will go to say: That coisinha pretty; That fofura; amongst other phrases. If porventura this family received a visit from a extraterrestrial one, this moment, it would believe that this family completely would be alucinada, therefore, would see an adult talking and smiling with the baby and this not answering absolutely nothing e, to the times smiling beat the feet and the hands and for another one would cry.

That madness. He would be perplexo. Passed some months this exactly baby will start to pronounce the first words and, generally she will be MOTHER, who is this is more time with the baby, and later the first steps and from there for ahead, or vice versa. Until then only well said words. Soon, then they come first the Nos, the first Shouts and now he is not more coisinha pretty, fofa, but, the Injure child; Capetinha; Nuisance; She-ass that does not learn nothing and from there for ahead.

Now only words badly said. Now, a poor, mediocre dialogue, of truncated form, without affection. The semblante is changed, on the contrary of the smile, rugas I cry and it, but, loaded of hatred that will become in hurts. With traumas. Again the extraterrestrial one would be more perplexo, each scared time more.