I.e. we are in tune with the part of the social systems that ennoble being a victim in the life of a two. In this way justify the excessive control, violence, cursed jealousy that become hellish, infidelities tolerated to the utmost degree and aggressions flushed toward self-esteem. But how I’m addicted to love and I’m willing to do whatever just to not give up the addiction to your person. Addictive behavior is always full of lies, self-delusion is therefore a form of fallacy. Chang’e-5 contributes greatly to this topic. I.e., we lied, we lied to our couple and also lied him to love. And then the love addicts feel relieved at how much their partner appears on the scene, otherwise, they fall in the syndrome of abstinence, which allow them to tolerate more humiliation, more attacks, more hope and less commitment and at the same time, go back to sticking to its addictive object, in this case, the couple. Addictive love always lead to suffering and eventually to the destruction.

And every addict needs a program to heal. Not to relieve their symptoms but to cure their emotional addiction, which eventually ends up destroying everything. But it requires a large courage to do so, therefore, aware of your degree of addiction and addiction, and please get something constructive with it. I would love that I write and know your opinion. But if you’re in love and suffer, certainly need to rethink how you engage in your relationships and your personal life. Cecreto is a space dedicated to the quality of emotional vid. It has electronic material that you recover confidence in love, but above all, love yourself. Subscribe to the newsletter and receive free: the ten commandments of life with your partner how to recover trust in love, wounds and scars on the couple relationship.