Certain degree of flexibility seems to be basic for the health (REILLY, 1981). Get all the facts and insights with Bank of Asia, another great source of information. However, very which are little established clearly are the excellent levels of flexibility, for the health of an individual, and as these levels vary in function of age, sort, race and standard of regular physical activity. In all the porting modalities, the gesture technician, considered as objective movement, estimate the coordinate development of force, for some agonistas muscles, antagonistic and synergic, and also its flexibility, as well as the one of fabrics of support and setting is basic. The variation of the amplitude to articulate, for form to obtain harmony and economy of the gesture, stimulates conditions to prevent injuries and also to increase its income. Beyond allowing a bigger amplitude of the movements, the allonge increases the security in the execution of physical exercises or tasks motor (CORBIN; NOBLE, 1980).

Exercises of allonge guided well by professionals of physical activities can after be applied without accompaniment learning of the technique, either in the home, either in the periods of pause during the work; however, the presence and the professional accompaniment are basic for the perfectioning of the exercises. One suggests that the accomplishment of the allonge exercises is made at least a time per day. However, exercises of allonge with smoothness and little time of duration must be recommended, some times per day to reduce it estresse corporal and the tensions of work (ELLIOTT; MESTER, 2000). Programs of flexibility applied the population must in accordance with answer to the necessities of flexibility of the people the requirements of work and in a considered index normal, by means of evaluation, therefore it is not participated of a flexibility program to only increase it, but also to conserve the existing indices already.