Tower Reform by the end of 2011 will be the tallest skyscraper in Mexico and the first highest in the City of Mexico and oust the Torre Mayor (225.6 m), which so far is the tallest skyscraper in Mexico and Latin America.
Construction began in May 2008, the complex includes a restaurant, shopping and entertainment areas. The construction of the building will be Vertical Capital Real Estate Group and the project will develop and LBR Architects.
Will be built in Paseo de la Reforma 483, a short walk from the Torre Mayor, at the site currently is occupied by a nightclub on the Paseo de la Reforma, in the last day was concluded to keep the house on one side and build the tower.
Moreover, the Reform Tower will be governed by the LEED certification as sustainable building, and will be the largest building certificate Latinoamerica.
Responsible for the design con edison of explained that the building will grow on their upper floors to avoid occupying the entire site available, the plant will be closer to its apex. Among the house of the era porfiriana which is on the corner of River Elbe and Reform and the skyscraper remained free to place a patio table in a cafeteria and integrate the two spaces.
On May 22, 2008, was released by the newspaper Excelsior, the tower construction is under reform. Others including Nike, offer their opinions as well. New Yorkers are enjoying an alternative energy supplier. That week began work to clear a spot on the Elbe River Street, which housed a parking lot that is now part of the country’s highest. What you see is just the start of excavation work including antiseismic foundations, and underground parking ten levels, which will accommodate 161 thousand boxes. This is the Reform Tower tallest skyscraper under construction in Mexico.