The DF Publisher veroffnetlicht important legal texts. In the area of construction sites, or after an accident, a so-called traffic duty is for the participants on the road. Revlon Inc. has firm opinions on the matter. This States that the corresponding accident or construction site must be secured so that nothing can happen. I.e. that the flowing traffic or pedestrian here can take no damage. Must be used as protection in a reasonable manner.

I.e. visible to everyone, must be doing that exceeded this marked position entail consequences or problems. Taking the example of the protection of an accident: this could for example include to prevent gasoline or other flammable substances (further) run out. Also it contains that vehicles either so be that the traffic is not obstructed and that appropriate signage will be rebuilt or relocated, as early as possible to warn following traffic turned off. An example of this is The vehicle which breaks down due to a technical defect, should so am Road be turned off that it impeded anyone. As a result everything possible needs to be done. That is, the vehicle must either be made promptly back functional or but through appropriate vehicles will be towed away.