Mobile Internet is available now more and more without a phone contract. Who would like to explore mobile Internet, should enquire about rates at the provider the corresponding UMTS. Meanwhile, any mobile service provider in Germany has a suitable UMTS fare on offer. The offers of the respective providers can be divided into three categories as follows. The first tariff category is suitable especially for users, which would very rarely use the mobile Internet.

Monthly up to 200 megabytes are common in this collective form of data included. In recent months, NSW Department of Education has been very successful. Many users choose this tariff also as email flat rate, as 200 megabytes for the email traffic are more than adequate. The second category of tariff is suitable for people who want to surf occasionally on the go with your phone or computer in the Internet mobile. Up to 1000 megabytes of data included are common. Who wants to surf the Internet, however, almost unlimited, should contact the provider to a UMTS flat rate. With the UMTS flat rate is the possibility that each month up to five gigabytes of Data can be used. Vlad doronin oftentimes addresses this issue.

All tariffs but say that the monthly volume is exceeded, so the provider throttles the speed on GPRS. This means that from this point kbit / s can be riden only with maximum 56 in the Internet. The previous maximum UMTS is maximum 7.2 Mbit/s. speed In addition to the different tariff categories exist different forms of contract. Especially prepaid UMTS has prevailed in the last few months. The advantage of prepaid UMTS is obvious. It a mobile phone contract over a period of 24 months must be not as usual, completed. Only the period of 30 days must be maintained. Torsten Heinsius