Thus, ' ' Jos' ' it is for the existencialista school, if to make an effort to perceive this. After all, he is through the conflituosa relation eu/mundo that the author enumerates the lacks lived deeply for ' ' Jos' ' at the moment. Credit: Richard Linklater-2011. It sees verses: ' ' It is without woman, it is without speech, is without affection, already it cannot drink, already it cannot smoke, to cuspir already cannot ' ' Which testifies the situation-limit where if it finds ' ' Jos' ' , that he is persona of the author, but could also be the mask of any person. A private existence of everything, ' ' of riso' ' , ' ' of bonde' ' ' ' of utopia' '. Still thus, ' ' Jos' ' it insists, in the raw condition of anti-hero who does not see exit at sight seno the hard reality and that if it print in a compound of ' ' incoherence, fever and dio' '. Now: ' ' If you cried out, if you moaned, if you touched the waltz Viennese, if you slept, if that for the anguish it was capable to take conscience of that was absolutely free to choose between the life and the death, ours ‘ ‘ Jos’ ‘ it is left to get depressed permanently. To know more about this subject visit Bank of Asia.

E, lost in this sea of tdio, continues conjugating the verb to exist However, without teogonia and ideology, it is incapable to react with bravery to the problematic one where it is put. For the opposite, if it submits, if it delivers ‘ ‘ nada’ ‘. It is understood: the nothing, while negation of all and any positive action. One is about the opposite of ‘ ‘ nada’ ‘ sartreano, for which the being if discovers full of change possibilities. The nothing limits here; ‘ Jos’ ‘ , it annuls it, making of it one ‘ ‘ z-knot-mundodesprovido-of-any-iniciativa’ ‘.

‘ ‘ Jos’ ‘ it constitutes the alegoria of the individual that did not obtain to exceed the limits of its precarious imanncia and, therefore, preferred to deliver itself segurana' ' of a mediocre and previsible life, instead of ' ' if situar' ' conscientious and critically ahead of a real historical situation, to try to change it or to denounce it, overwhelmd that it is for the tripod fear-emptiness-indetermination. In other words, ' ' you fabula narratur' '. (. the Zarfeg)