What should you do when? A guide and explanation. Some requests already reached me deal with the theme of “Private health insurance in 2011”. Why now? Now, due to the DreiJahresregel in the statutory health insurance, many workers not yet in a position in the private health insurance must be replaced. Gem. 6 v employees under certain conditions are insurance free. It says exactly: (4) the year work pay in three consecutive calendar years will limit, expires at the end of the third calendar year in which it exceeded the insurance obligation. This does not apply if the charge does not exceed that from the beginning of the next calendar year y bordering current year work remuneration.

The employee who in 2008, 2009 and 2010 2008 48.150 EUR 2009 48.600 EUR 2010 49950 EUR exceeds the year work remuneration (JAEG) and vorr. also for 2011, is thus free to insurance and can either remain voluntarily in the statutory health insurance (GKV), or in change the private Krankenversicherung (PKV). When should which be undertaken now? Basically the application is possible “sometime” in 2010, since the beginning of may only be 1 1 2011. This risks but now a worse state of health occurring diseases, changes in health status “randomly” identified in an other investigation and / or have an accident. All of these reasons can install final and finally the change in the private Krankenversicherung (PKV). Now there are several ways: Variant 1: completing one so called option tariff. This ensures the change in the private health insurance without new risk assessment in compliance with the requirements.

This is so a preservation of health information, so the a Verschlechterung-if they free up the Exchange does not prevent. This is sought and the “normal” risk questions be asked today. After that success an assessment and it is a contribution to be paid. Option 2: in most A “date available” the application companies is maximum 6 months possible. Thus, this means a change to the 01 01 2011 submission is possible from 1 7. Then the usual risk assessment is also carried out, the request is accepted and policiert and also here no other diseases are therefore more to report. and now we come to the most elegant variant, since these can save even post: option 3: by calculating the age (beginning of year minus year of birth) applies to the variants 1 and 2 the age 2010. Since an entry with a younger age leads to permanently lower premiums, I suggest the following Variant. Worry what selection criteria must meet “your” price in the month of May alone. Viewing several models with the consultant and think about in peace and quiet. If you have made a decision, so make entsprechendeVoranfragen (no requests) of the consultant. Then, when you apply for an entitlement from 01 12 2010 (from 1.6.). This ensures the age in 2010 and is priced very manageable. For an insured person around 30, this means a multiple amount of contribution for the month of December by approximately 100 EUR, contribution savings of about 8-9 EUR per month. So has this already in 2011 “calculated”. Also in this version, the health state is secured according to underwriting. Some companies already offer the application for 2011. This procedure (submission of more than 6 months in advance) has however led to some excitement to the supervisory authorities in the past and therefore I think nothing of this variant.