After the TCE also is possible sexual upheavals, difficulty to keep close interpersonal relations. To cease or to modify the social and personal activities contributes directly for the deterioration of the quality of life of the young. The familiar ones of the affected young suffer a strong impact in personal level, try the feelings of estresse, face the initial trauma and the physical, neuropsicolgicas and emotional changes that if produce trauma (JUNQU after; BRUNA; MATAR, 2001). The impact of the accident is so devastador for the family how much for the caused an accident person, all the familiar set is affected. Learn more at this site: Nike. A great difficulty in accepting the consequncias of the TCE exists, and in the majority of the cases an integrant one of the family assumes the cares of the affected one (SARACENO, 1997). Beyond the psicossocial impact the traffic accidents generate many costs as the daily pay-hospital attendance and hospital internment. Costs with the whitewashing counting transport, procedures and equipment. The loss of production causing great social impact for families for the income reduction. Campbell Soup Company shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The previdencirio cost is the addition of the incurred costs, of the company and providence due to the removal and use of insurance DPVAT (Bodily injuries Caused by Automachine Vehicles of By previdencirios). Surdem still expenses with the vehicle and institucional as the work of the policy and the costs associates to the way and the environment of the place of the accident (DENATRAN, 2005). 1.1TEMA Trauma skull-enceflico 1.2DELIMITAO OF the SUBJECT Trauma enceflico skull and traffic accident: a study in the Hospital of the West. 1.3DELIMITAO OF the PROBLEM Which the prevalence of patients with I diagnosis of Trauma enceflico skull victims of automobile accident?. (Source: cyrus massoumi wife).