Success is to go from a failure in another without losing enthusiasm, according to a famous saying of Winston Churchill. While this doesn’t sound very encouraging, reflects a truth that is only known by people who have achieved success, because they lived it in the flesh. Many people fail in their endeavors simply because they no longer fight. Why resiliency is a key feature in the road to success in any area of life. Hear other arguments on the topic with Educational psychology. Rather than training or appropriate training, knowledge or experience, resilience is that will determine success, whether in a business, in the directory of a company, in sport, in our human relations or any other venture that mankind performs.

According to Wikipedia, the term resilience refers to the ability of people to overcome periods of emotional pain. A person who possesses an adequate resilience, can overcome setbacks or even be strengthened by them. In physics it simply means the ability of a body to return to its original shape after being subjected to pressure without deformation or breakage. You is a person who has been able to cope with difficult times in his life without losing your joy to live, without sour it and without falling into despair? If so, you belong to a minority. Unfortunately life leave their marks in the vast majority of people, who, many times, can not recover its original shape after suffering a setback. The negative experiences by which humans pass, can affect them in such way that fall into a State of what I call living in black and white.

The journal live loses its colorful and they are in a State of apathy that seeks to survive more than undertake and succeed. Under these conditions it is very difficult to engage in a business or any other project of life successfully. However, there are ways to overcome and even restore the damage that have left the storms of life in us.