At this moment they also change the contents, the values, the abilities, the performances and the abilities had socially as basic for the formation human being. (ANGELS, 2007). The technological advance is a condicionante agent who all encloses the educational process of the man, for being a way of change of the condition human being contributed for the excuo of an education capable to form people with great intellectual and professional development, played in the constant search for the technological perfectioning. Thus, the man always was, and he will always be in search of different forms, methods and conditions to transform the ways for which he lives and if he socializes, trying to advance and to evolve each time more the conceived technologies already, the point to obtain new conquests. 2 EDUCATION DE HISTRIADesde the times most remote, the man acts as receiving agent of the education processes and learning inside of a context in the way where it lives; the acquired education and knowledge are significant part in its socialization with excessively, can be affirmed that it is through education and learning that the man ahead evolves of the group the one that belongs, and becomes capable to teach and to reproduce its knowledge for others. ' ' The innate capacities of the human being transmitted genetically allow the educative action. This is product of the constructed, shared cultural evolution and accumulated throughout geraes' ' (LITWIN, 1997, P. 39). education a not only corresponds form of knowledge and learning, but also to a process of clarifications, revision and assimilation of the facts occurred in the world, through passed decades, of historical moments and the socialization in groups. Since the primates, the humanity lives related with some forms of learning, in a constant search for the perfectioning of techniques that attracted the welfare state of the time, leaving the conception of life, learning and knowledge marked through the years for history, and remembered through the history education.