Citizen Professor

' ' The failure pertaining to school or the problem of learning always must be an enigma to be deciphered that it does not have to be been silent, but listened to. In this manner, when ' ' not sei' ' it appears as main reply, we can ask to us what it is that it is not allowed to know. Our listening not if dirige to the not-learned contents, nor to the learned ones, nor to the not-cheated or cheated cognitivas operations, nor to the organic condicionantes, nor to the unconscious ones, but to the joints between this different instncias.' ' (FERNADEZ. P.38. 2001) Fernandez affirms that the psicopedagogia dirige for the relation enters the ensinante modality of the school and the modality of learning of each pupil, and to this as aprendente and ensinante in its group of pairs. Of this form this ' ' Citizen autor' ' one consists when the ensinante citizen eaprendente, in each person, can enter in a dialogue. As the text the psicopedaggica intervention in the schools must be attempted against simultaneously in knows topics: – to the citizen aprendente that it supports each pupil; – to the ensinante citizen that inhabits and nourishes each pupil; – to the particular relation of the professor with its group and its pupils; – to the modality of learning of the professor and, in consequncia, to its modality of education; – to the real group of pairs and imaginary the one that belongs the professor; – to the educative system as a whole. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of film director on most websites.

Directing the look in these six topics, will be able to have a singular circulation of knowledge that if established between the diverse personages and the knowledge. With regard to psicopedaggica intervention with Fernandez professors, it affirms that it is necessary that the intervention has beginning from its proper space of thought authorship, therefore the listening in such a way of the professor how much of the pupil if she makes necessary, looking for in such a way to understand and to interpret the context of the pupil how much of the professor. When commenting in its text on clinical psicopedaggica intervention, Fernandez, leaves clearly that it is very different of the re-education, since this last one tends to correct or to attenuate. ' ' Thus, many children are submitted the reeducativos methods that try one ' ' ortopedia mental' ' as one was possible to place ' ' prteses cognitivas' '. Further details can be found at KDP, an internet resource. (FERNADEZ. P.38.

2001) Fernandez brides concludes that listening not if dirige to the not-learned contents, nor to the learned ones, nor to the not-cheated or cheated cognitivas operations, nor to the organic condicionantes, nor to the unconscious ones, but to the joints between these different instances. It is not placed in the pupil, nor in the professor, nor in a society, nor in the medias as ensinantes, but in the multiple relations between them. ' ' If a pupil ' ' he is in the world of lua' ' , the problem of professor will be of as to bring ' ' lua' ' to the world of the child, since, if to want to banish ' ' lua' ' from the lesson, he will also banish aprendente that he has in its pupil. On the other hand, these ' ' luas' ' they costumam to be inhabited for the situations most painful of the life of the children. ' '

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How to make an avatar for VKontakte? Do not be afraid of this issue. It's very simple and affordable. First, you need an image. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Kindle Direct Publishing. Second – Photoshop. And then follow these tips.

There are many online instructions on the subject. Some of them are painted as hard, do not be surprised to fear you before photoshop. So, step by step instructions. Step one – open the image in Photoshop. To do this, right click the image, then "Open With" and "Photoshop". Step Two – in the image (top), right click, then – "the size of the image." And select the options you want in the string "width" or "height". You can choose either in pixels or in inches. Select only one option, the second will be installed automatically if the parameters were related.

Of course, you can remove the tick in the "keep proportions", but in this case the picture be unnaturally stretched or wide or tall. That's the whole "arithmetic." Finally you save the image. All trite and simply do not have to open a new document, move the image and so on. Photoshop Lessons a very useful thing. Thanks to them you will be able to learn a lot. At least the basics learn. Can create your own design. Of course, it will be simple, but who knows, maybe after some time, you become a real assom. And by the way, step by step instructions are very easy to understand. Start with the simple manipulation and move slowly forward. Creating an avatar for qip your hands may seem to you an interesting thing. It one of the reasons to continue their education. In general, Photoshop has a huge opportunity. For example, you can edit your photos (change colors, add lights, add a shadow, remove unnecessary details, insert the right …) to put them in the frame. Oh, and photoshop frames can be created in the same Photoshop. You can make moving banners. You can turn a photo into a drawing or mosaic. The main thing – to start.

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The Young And The World

The Young and the World I am part deum site in the Internet where people make questions with intention of saberemopinies on certain subjects, to take off doubts pertaining to school, to ask for conselhossentimentais, at last, questions of all the types and gostos are made to esperade answers satisfy that it. Amongst outrastantas, I found one scared that me doubly. First for the young question ondeum of only fifteen years if interested in having reply for queacontece with the young of today that they are not interested for nothing, nor for loving asi same or respecting to the moral rules. Second for the gotten answers. The great majority, synthecizing, answered that the young is that knows what good is navida. This is visoque young has of the young, that they know to live? Infelizmente. We do not fit to judge the young for its acts, but we fit analisarmospor that he arrived at this point to find that moral and physical trespasses, airresponsabilidade and descompromisso with its proper lives, not that they todossejam thus, thanks to God, either good-living.

As educadorvejo very disinterest in surpreendemais classroom on the part of some and me still when I talk with the parents. They, the parents, have pride in saying queprocuram to offer to the children good and the best things that could never have had, therefore had passed for difficulties, for wage freezes with the proper parents, having rigid umaeducao, with much requirement and collection. from there? It was not thanks to estacobrana, to these last sufocos that had constructed its character of fighters point to want to strengthen itself to the maximum to give good and the optimum one with respect to suaprole? Then because not to use remedy the same so that its children get omesmo character? filsofoNietzech (Niti) can help these parents to understand what they had passed and where estoerrando with the education whom they give to the children.

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Window World

This almost brings the concrete revelation that of the insensato moment to it would fire that me to same me, says insensato because I do not want to leave my space, of my memories not for now at least. perhaps it was the moment to sharpen my vision for other cantos, others sensations but for this I must sharpen the curiosity. This devaneio that it arrives to be close I want to share with Bachelard: ' ' The will of looking at for the interior of the things becomes the sharpened vision, penetrating. It transforms the vision into a violence. It detects the imperfection, the crack, the fiction for which if she can violate the secret of the occult things. From this will of looking at for the interior of the things, of looking at what it does not see, what if does not have to see, are formed strange tense, devaneios devaneios that they form one I wrinkle between sobrancelhas. Already if it does not deal with then a passive curiosity that waits the surprising spectacles, but yes of an aggressive curiosity, etimologicamente overseer. For more information see Campbell Soup Co.

The curiosity of the child is this who destroys its toy to see what she has dentro.' ' (BACHELARD, 2003, P. 8). The ideas that this text bring are ideas proceeding from the imagination therefore speak on leaving or entering in the house or would say more, to enter and to leave the world. They are sensations of not existence that if return for mine sensible thought I appeal to see it the world without my presence. Ideas, divagaes that if enter cross with the life direction that inhabits in my physical body and land. When I think about looking at the things of inside of same me or of my inexistence in the world, I remember of the words of Hermeto Pascoal in the documentary Window of the Soul where it shows, he points with the fingers that the eyes that we had to enxergar would be the eyes of the brain and the soul exercised by sensitivity and not them eyes that limit in them and brake our emotions.

If was thus would be simple too much life without my presence. But, I insist that I do not want to leave my house and to be invisible to the world or my worlds would be to remove as me at optimum moment of the party and prefers to thus see and to see the world of this skill of my skill. For the moment, I decided, I prefer not to leave scene, if by chance it will be inevitable, the world still would continue world but I confess: I find that less! Bibliographical references: Bachelard, Gaston. The poetical one of the space. Martins Alfonso, SP, 2003. *Pedagoga and master in education

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Syracuse University

This situation It began to change in 1963. Gerhard Baule and Richard McFee, Department of electrical engineering, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY, detected the field biomagnetic projected by the human heart using two electromagnets turns of thread 2 million each, connected to a very sensitive amplifier. In 1970, David Cohen of MIT, using SQUID magnetometer, confirmed the results concerning heart. In 1972, Cohen, had improved the sensitivity of his apparatus, allowing him to measure the magnetic fields produced by the activity of the brain, around the head. Then it was discovered that all tissues and organs produce specific magnetic pulses, which are now known under the name of biomagneticos fields. Traditional ones such as the electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram tests, are now completed by exams biomagneticos named mcg and magnetoencephalography.

For various reasons, the study of the magnetic field around the body, gives indications more accurate about the physiology and pathology than the study of the electric field. In their brief added us, that in 20-30 years, Harold Saxon Burr, an eminent researcher of the Yale University School of medicine, suggested that the diseases in the energy body can be detected until symptoms appeared. He was also convinced that could prevent diseases by altering the energy field. These concepts, which then seemed too premature, are today confirmed by laboratories of medical research around the world. Scientists using appliances SQUID to make letters of disturbances of the magnetic field around the body due to diseases. Educate yourself with thoughts from Campbell Soup Co. Others, applied pulsed magnetic fields to stimulate healing. We are also reminded about another aspect in which we have investigated long ago in relation to the magnetic fields emanating from the body, fields that we perceive through Kirlian photography in order to determine and understand what has been called as the aura of people. Called Kirlian electrophotography system uses an electronic system to produce a high potential in high-frequency, but low-intensity, so the patient won’t feel rather than cosquilla a slight in the fingertips and in some cases absolutely nothing.

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School Castle Rock

Boarding school in Bavaria is modern reconstruction of the sports area of modern sports facilities in the school contribute to fun activity and movement. A very special structural innovation received just the school Castle Rock: the students of the Bavarian boarding school in stone which Traun can her sports lesson now in a sports hall with glass floor exercise. The new sports facility was completed just a few days ago and is since then glass eye-catcher of the boarding school. Add to your understanding with Richard Linklater. We are pleased that the conversion is now complete. With the new glass floor we have a Sports Hall, which is almost unique in German schools”, Sebastian Ziegler, General Manager of the school is happy stone castle. Special glass was used for the transformation of the sports hall for the school sports area offering all properties of high-quality flooring and in addition also still attractive looks.

Now, the pupils of the boarding school in Bavaria circuit training, volleyball & co. for the first time on the glass surface can exert. In the Sports Hall Teaching physical education classes of the secondary school curriculum and the sport streams. Also held the sporting activities of the Bavarian boarding school there.

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New Release For The Primary School – Sense Remove End Read By Edgar, The Sheep

Basic schulstunden Verlag, Nuremberg, the read project is June 2011. The new reading adventures “she loves me, she loves me not – with Edgar, the sheep sense remove end read” is the basic schulstunden published by Verlag. It is 2/3 of the class and contains differentiated stations with tasks for reading comprehension, as well as a radio drama CD. The small sheep Edgar can hardly believe it. His best friend, the pig Siggi, has himself falls in love with Esmeralda. He has more suddenly no time for Edgar.

The story is about first love feelings to Edgar and Siggi. The theme already employs children in primary school and therefore particularly suitable for the sense entnehmende read. The station project is the reading comprehension in the foreground to the story. The history and also some of the tasks are available in two levels of differentiation. Overall, it offered six stations along with the appropriate materialien. In addition, the book includes templates for individual stations and tasks, so that the stations exactly at the level of the Class can be customised to. The stations are independently edited by schoolchildren.

In the booklet, a radio drama CD with two stories in addition is included (heavy and light), read by the author Tamara Takac. These can be initial be used, are also part of the 1st station. To the author and Illustrator Tamara Takac Tamara Takac, illustrated and writes for the basic schulstunden Publisher since 2004. “” Have already appeared amongst the first reader book Edgar, the sheep, and the monster”, the reward sets Edgar, the sheep” and Edgar on dive “, various reading advent calendars with Edgar, the sheep and the new system high-flyer – reward system for primary schools with Edgar, the sheep”. The small sheep Edgar has even its own Facebook page and on Twitter.

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