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The Result

) An operation that initially represents a external activity is reconstructed and starts to occur internally. It is of particular importance for the development of the superior mental processes … b) An interpersonal process is transformed into a intrapessoal process. All the functions in the development of the child appear two times: first, in social level e, later, in the individual one; first, between people (interpsicolgica) e, later, in the interior of the child (intrapsicolgica). Here, CEO Keith McLoughlin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. … c) The transformation of an interpersonal process in a intrapessoal process is the result of a long series of events occurred throughout the development. (VIGOTSK, 2007, P.

57 – grifos of the author) the stimulatons of the way in the formation of any person happen of natural form being able to contribute positive negative or in the life of it. In the person with high abilities the social conviviality is made it difficult many times for the existing mannering divergence between the pairs. In general the person with ability above average has gostos and incompatible behaviors with the others of the same etria band and hardly are well accepted in another group. This disparity almost it always takes it to the isolation. It needs, therefore, a special attention of the familiar ones for the integration of the adept person with the social environment so that the influences can benefit it. 3 ACTIONS AND REACTIONS OF the FAMILY AND the HIGH SCHOOL AHEAD OF PHENOMENON HABILIDADES/SUPERDOTAO the family, in general the parents, to if coming across with attitudes of the son or son, little common for etria band of them, the first reaction is of perplexity and to follow of pride for considering that the child has a bonanza intelligence. With passing of the time these first reactions of the place to the fear and the unreliability for not knowing to deal with situations where the child with ability above average acts in different way them excessively of its age, she presents interests considered inadequate for that phase of the life or questions situations and facts that many times leave the parents without answers and arguments enough to justify them.

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The Trajectory

Some professors who had had some deficiency in its formation, when a child if becomes curious and if she interests in questioning and to place doubts to what this learning, it becomes a child ' ' perigosa' ' , on account of this the professor if places in the defensive, restraining the curiosity of the child. Of this form to teach mathematics of a form criticizes and democratic it implies to look at the mathematics in its way of being, to think, of its formation historical, as to teach and as to learn, searching its creativity and its understanding. The Trajectory of the Lesson Expositiva In accordance with Saviani (1983), until the decade of 30, approximately, predominated in the Brazilian schools the traditional pedagogical conception. In this conception, the professor, seen as center of the education process, would have to dominate the contents basic to be transmitted the pupils. In this context, the expositiva lesson was considered as the technique more adjusted the transmission of knowledge in the classroom.

In the Brazilian schools in the decade of 30 still he was considered the traditional education, in which the professor was the center of the education process, where only it only transmitted the content for the pupils and ready, that is, the pupils did not have the right to make questions, to suggest techniques to have one better exploitation of the transmitted content, thus making it difficult the learning of the pupil. Still according to Saviani (1983), with the advent of the new pedagogia, in middle of the decade of 30, new pedagogical ideas they had started to be assimilated in the schools. The new pedagogical trend gained body from critical severe the traditional pedagogia, fixing itself in the reversion of the education process, in which the pupil, and not more the professor, started to be the center of this process.

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Summary: This article has as objective to identify the difficulties and to mainly detect the obstacles appeared throughout the formation and faced by the professors in what it refers to learning and consequently to teach the Mathematics, for the Inciais Years. This research was constructed in a qualitative boarding, with the use of tools as the questionnaires, counting on the participation of professors formed in Pedagogia and formandos in the same course of diverse institutions; the Yahoo questions and answers an excellent tool that joins resulted and skillful time with the participation of people with different experiences and diverse places of the country, also contributed as source of information for the accomplishment of this research. This inquiry considers one (reverse speed) valuation of the paper of the professor in the educational process, taking for base the quarrels on the epistemolgicos obstacles and didactic proposals for Bachelard how much to the learning that is constructed throughout the educational process and overcoming of the loaded knowledge of conceptions based on the common sense become that them estagnados and without spaces for new constructions. To the light of this inquiry we observe that the obstacles always will appear that they possess diverse natures and that, therefore, the notion that involves these impediments in them allows to identify and to understand the difficulties found for the professors in the education process/learning of the knowledge come back toward the Mathematics. Word-key: Professor. Obstacles. Learning. Education.

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Man Clothes

Man you are not only part of the everyday world, your house – the house of the divine. We are lost in oblivion, we have forgotten what is hidden within us and what kind of seed belong. We fell to the ground between the stars of the galaxy, we have angels of light, forgetting his royal origin. The idea of separation illusion our home. The idea of unity will be our experience of ultimate truth. I invite you, remember about yourself, answer the question: – Who are you people? Why there ?….

Asked to answer a questions slowly, feel every cell response! On your clothes wearing, say – whose clothes this ?…. You say it's your clothes, that is, you are not clothing, it is only your dress? It is hard to disagree. Let's take off clothes and put to bed. What do you see under your clothes? Of course the physical body. Say – Whose body ?…. You say that it's your body, just your body. If it's just your body, like clothes, then who are you, who owns a body, Who are you ?….

Well, let's take off and put his body on the bed next to clothing. Your body is asleep and you see him. What do you feel watching your clothes and body? Feeling, emotion, who are they ?…. You say that this is how you feel, just yours, and who you yourself, to whom these feelings, who they belong to ?…. Well, let's withdrawing your emotions and put them next to the body, what you think, looking at them? Thought, they whose …? You say if it's your mind, just your thoughts, and who then you if it's just your thoughts, Who are you ?….

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Dynamics Of The Charada One

Dynamics of the charada one The ministrante will have to deliver to each pair a leaf with questions and to place a music (the time that to touch music will be for unmasking the charadas ones). The pair that to arrive at the end with more answers, will gain a prize. Charadas tips of: In What it is what is? Of that side the hen has more penalty? Of the side of it are. What it is what is? What sanguessuga said for the HIV carrier? I did not want to be in its skin. In What he is what is? Which is the state that goes of the rational numbers to the irrationals? Pi to the I. What it is what is? Which the preferred actress of the Portuguese bees? Honey Lisbon. What it is what is? What it happened when the owner of the Faber Castell when died? All the pencils had been disappointed. What it is what is? What it happens with the genes that violate the law? They go pra DNA chain.

What it is what is? The ox took the cow for the motel. Who paid the account? The two, because they had made one vaquinha. What it is what it is? What people always make in Roman numbers? PEE What she is what is? What the monday spoke for the friday? Already I come back! What it is what is? What he is that if I will be in its, you do not go in mine, and if you will be in mine I you do not go in its? Velrio. What it is what is? What the bell said finger pro? If to press me I shout! What it is what is? What the hammer spoke for it I nail? There, if I nail to you. There, if I nail to you there. What he is what is? What he is what is? What it is that the ant has of greater of what the lion? The name. What it is what is? Why the ox dribbles? Because it saw the cow of lingerie.

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The Art Of Living Well

The life, when it exists without retouchings, search of evolution, without any perspective, tends to become the exterior of the human being each denser time. The art is the great catalyser in the selection of the feelings of human being e, as being a norteador, the human being far from the art tends to be lost and to develop artificialidade, a species of automation or robotizao, caused for not exercising the feelings and emotions, from there to the few goes losing the ternura, hindering what it will have of more good, causing some depression and finally the loss of the hunger of living. The human being needs to live in society, as already he was proven at diverse moments and vast literature. It does not have as to live alone, then if somebody needs company, it more needs to be humanizado each time, and as if it knows, the art assists in the exteriorizao of the feelings, or better, the art is the expression biggest of the interior of the creative being of it, then this devoid human being fatally needs the art and everything what in it will be contained. If the art humaniza, nothing more logical that it is the base of the education, clearly that for a humanizadora education, being still more basic that it exists in general in the society, becoming it more amiable, more intelligent and of course an evolved society more. According to Aristotle (apud TAME, 1984, P. 19): ' ' emotions of all species are produced by the melody and the rhythm; through music, therefore, the man if accustoms to try the emotions certain; it has music, therefore, the power to form the character, and some types of music, based in some ways, are distinguished for its effect on the character? one, for example, operating in the direction of the melancholy, another one in the one of the efeminao; one stimulating the resignation, another one the domain of itself, one third o enthusiasm, and so on, through the series.? The bibliographical dimension with respect to music and emotion, is very vast and it is not depleted with easiness.

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