The factors of risk, prevention and treatment must be known, in the direction to contribute for an assistance of adequate and efficient nursing. So that the professional is capable to act directly in the problem is necessary to be pautado in theoretician-practical abilities and thus, to favor the magnifying of positive results to the health of the aged ones with risks of ulcer for pressure. The objective of this work is of assisting through the revision of scientific works, to the nurses during nursing assistance, contributing in optimum aiming of its action, the cares of nursing to the aged carriers of ulcer for pressure. This study it is justified for the great relevance of the subject, for being about a serious problem of public health, that grows very in Brazil currently, in reason of the increase of the aged population. The people are aging and many acamadas times being, needing each time more than an adequate assistance. The cares of quality nursing represent for these acamadas people, one better quality of life. Many excellent studies had been carried through and are these experiences that if it intends to focus here. 2 LITERATURE REVISION This revision of literature will be divides of the following form: 3.1) The Aged one in the World and Brazil; 3.2) Defining Ulcer for Pressure; 3.3) Periods of training (degrees) of the UPs and frequent places; 3.4) Studies of the incidences of the UPs in a Hospital of So Paulo 3,5) Historical Landmark of Dressings 3,6) Elements for proposal of a treatment plan that assistance of Nursing to the carrying Aged Patient of Ulcer for Pressure favors the process of cicatrizao with approach to multidiscipline 3,7); 3.8) Process of Cicatrizao; 3.9) Excellent works on the subject; 3.10) Preventing the Ulcer for Pressure and Scale of Braden. A leading source for info: FireEye. 3.1) AGED IN the WORLD AND BRAZIL the population aging is one of the biggest challenges of the public health contemporary.