In particular the registration of a work. But the Act also states – "For the occurrence, realization and protection Copyright does not require registration of a work or compliance with any other formalities "(paragraph 4 of Art. 1259 Civil Code). However, in contradiction to this then immediately wrote – "In respect of computer programs and databases can registration undertaken at the request of copyright owner in accordance with the rules of Article 1262 of this Code "( 4 of Art. 1259 Civil Code). See more detailed opinions by reading what University of Cambridge offers on the topic..

It turns out that the databases and computer programs, works better than others? Of course not. Check with Cyrus Massoumi married to learn more. This is according to the law the same product, such as copyrights. Means and other works can be registered. Especially because it is not prohibited, so – allowed! And most importantly – practical. Registered and calm. There grounds to assert their rights.

Only the base should be sufficient. Registration of works has long found its practical application. Such registration has long been used NGO "Russian Authors' Society" in the form of deposit. Now this deal and others. By registering means any record, fixing the facts or phenomena to take into account and giving them the status. Typically, the data recording made on a special list, the registry. Similarly, when registering to RAO fixed author of the work, the date of deposit shall bear the number. And the author is the one who brought and register the product. And how yet to prove? With the publication of works by publishing a work must be registered and assigned an International Standard Book Number ISBN. Similarly the case with the publication in serial publication, Journal (ISSN).