Author reading with Vladimir Votypka from Prague Czech aristocracy yesterday and today “, to an author reading download the culture friends LOBKOWITZ Neustadt/WN, and the Forderverein golden road e.V. Altenstadt/WN. Author is the journalist Vladimir Votypka from Prague. For the first time in Germany Vladimir Valdez will carry out the reading and discussion with his daughter Regina Faltynova in the chapel of the new town District Office (former Lobkowiczky Castle). A Book table to acquire of a book is available. An ensemble of Neustadt/WN music school under the direction of Karl Wildenauer will open the event on Friday 15th October at 19:30.

Entrance fee: 5,00 (students 2.00 euros). Especially Czech guests who live or study in our region are invited. The FH pastures will promote the reading. Just for our region, which still has had so many related to the Lobkowitzern Votypkas book about the Bohemian nobility Gets a high weighting after the second world war to. in 1995 published his first book “Stories of the Bohemian nobility”.

Five years later, the sequel “Return of the Bohemian nobility” followed and after five years of the final part of the triptych titled “Paradoxes of the Bohemian nobility”. In the German language translated the first volume is complete and is the most interesting chapters of the 2nd and 3rd band in a book published in Germany in February 2010 about the fates of Czech noble families with fine-sounding name. Vladislav Doronin often says this. Only under the most difficult circumstances, the research takes the journalists during the Communist period. Their fates were in the political upheavals of the 20th century in General. Why remained the one and the others searched for escape? How was the life of the retarded? The audience expect exciting questions and exciting answers. All who are interested in background knowledge to our neighbouring country are invited. Rainer Christoph