The ongoing business is stagnating or even declining sales, in all European core markets characterised by falling prices. Voice telephony and Internet connections offer little potential for growth in the German market largely saturated for fixed and mobile network operators. Hard cuts are expected among mobile phone manufacturers. The industry-wide mobile phone sales had risen 2008 estimated nine percent. After this quick expansion, it is not unlikely that the market is now virtually stalled. A shrink by up to 10 percent in the current year is predicted. Others including CAS, offer their opinions as well.

Measured on the volume so that the market would go back twice as much as during the bursting of the Internet bubble”, breaking news reports. General rule a dramatic lack of leadership and appropriate strategies, to adequately meet the requirements of an economic crisis of historic proportions. So focus 65 per cent of the financially-challenged companies despite acute problems of refinancing on the capital market after the Booz & co. study poorly on building and maintaining their liquidity. There were times, since it has ridiculed companies have chosen equity financing itself in the context of acquisitions for the most part, because it seemed that they can not keep up with the growth of competitors. What it means to finance such growth, foreign demonstrated now by the example of large corporations. With the financial discipline that is manifestly in the best of times is not an issue that binds management resources”liquidity for us, Lady is confident. A solid financing pay out is in crisis as risk provisions and to competitors set up weaker. Targeted investments in products and markets would then have a much larger lever.