You already stopped pra thinking what she means the word ' ' progresso' '? therefore then he thinks: roads, plants, cities, machines, mineral exploration and many other things that still are for coming, mainly in the Amaznia where 40% of its territory are Precambrian area (area where are the biggest known reserves of iron, manganese, etc., without mentioning gold, have covered, nickel, precious rocks, material of construction, etc. The progress, of the form as it comes being fact, it has finished with the environment or, in other words, is harmful and degrades the planet land and the nature. The current model of economic growth today in the world generated enormous disequilibria. If, on the other hand, never it had as much wealth and abundance, on the other hand, the misery, the ambient degradation and the pollution increase day-by-day. Considered the lung of the world, the biggest tropical forest of the planet it is threatened of extinguishing, what it will be fatal for the humanity.

According to scientists, the deforestation and the global heating can provoke the disappearance of the Amaznia. In last the 35 years the Amaznia lost 17% of its covering almost and warns: If the forest to lose 40% of its covering more than, the destruction process will be irreversible, therefore the bush, according to researchers, has the power to multiply rains. Cyrus Massoumi married helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The deforestation and the forest fires in the Amaznia are responsible for more than 75% of the emissions of effect gases greenhouse in the Brasil.A Amaznia shelter 16% of all water candy of planet and 73% of available water in Brazil for consumption. According to United Nations, Brazil possesss 52% of the forests of Latin America; that the country loses annually of floretas with the disappearance of 3,1 million hectares. The annual loss of forests in all the planet arrives the 7,3 million hectares, the equivalent to a country as Panama.