The organization of that the assimiladora activity is witness is, essentially, construction and, thus, it is in fact invention, I begin since it. (p.92) the construtivismo is not explicit in the methods of education and learning and in the pertaining to school content. It is in the vision of the professor and the school, ahead of the proper knowledge. Alais University of Teacher Education will undoubtedly add to your understanding. To know the pupil individually is to value its social and cultural history. The knowledge cannot have conception apriorist or empirista, must yes be constructed by the citizen that interacts with the learning object. The school needs to change its thought on the acquisition of the knowledge, to give beginning to the true construtivismo. 2 Alfabetizao and letramento the reading and the writing go beyond the capacities of knowing to read and to write, is necessary to use these practical in the globalizado world and constant change.

It was the time where alfabetizado the person was the given adjective who wise person to read and to write its proper name. This simplista definition was in the past, giving origin the new theories on the alfabetizao. The letramento definition is initiated in 1980 middle, in Brazil, going beyond the borders to measure the capacities of reading and writing. According to Magda Soares, the letramento in Brazil appears in function of the difficulties and problems found in the process of acquisition of the alfabetizao, in function of the used methods. Being therefore, the two terms if establish and although the differences between these, the letramento if overlaps the alfabetizao. Ahead of the construtivista theory, the alfabetizao happens of natural form, is not more necessary to be ready to learn. The learning occurs with the interaction of the citizen and the writing. They are not more necessary material specific materials of alfabetizao and yes of reading and writing of use joint to all, where the child can interact with the writing and the reading.