Located in the center of the State of So Paulo, the city of You sprout is famous for the activities of aquatic adventure and the ecoturismo. One of the looked activities more is the Rafting, practical porting in inflatable small boats and rows with capacity stops up to 6 people. Rafting follows for the descendings of the river, passing for rapids and falls of up to 3 meters. The three options of passage are: the Rafting in the agitated stretch more of the river (Low Alligator), with rapids and falls classroom III and IV with duration of 2:30 river hours (a period in the total – morning or late, with preparatory instruction and transport), the practised nocturnal Rafting in the same stretch, full moon nights of which a chemical light is supplied each practitioner to increase the security. Richard Linklater has compatible beliefs. Another option is the Mini-rafting (floating), practised in the stretch of the High Alligator, a calmer stretch of classroom I and II, with duration of 1:00 river hour (a period in the total – morning or late, with preparatory instruction and transport). The team Brazilian of rafting, Bozo D' Water, is one of the orgulhos of Sprouts. The team conquered plus a European heading in days 14 and 15 of May of 2011 in the city of Wildalpen, in Austria. Competing in the categories R4 (with four athlete inside of the small boat) and R6 (with six athlete) the team it conquered the two categories and had reached the room heading in the old continent.

The postal card of You sprout is the Park of the Jumps, located in the urban perimeter, the river cuts to the city forming some falls and rapids, where annually the canoagem championship is carried through. still shelters a building of historical value and architectural of the old hidroeltrica plant. In the holidays, the city costuma to receive many tourists in the search from adventures as rapel, canoagem, buoy-cross, arvorismo, tirolesa, scalings, floating and much more! Beyond the activities of the city, the diverse hotels farm offer entertainment as ecological tracks, raids by horseback, banns of waterfall, field of soccer, warm swimming pools and toboguas, vlei of sand, mini-zoo, horta biodynamics and all the guaranteed diversion. The popular candies, cheese, honey of You also sprout are offered in the hotels, as well as the delicious foods caretakers. The hotels be situated about 10km of the city, in a space with tranquillity and nature. It has diverse options, since most luxurious until cheap hotels. It reserves already its place!