Football player starts from the Hymer Center Dortmund during the winter holidays this year celebrates the Dortmund football player and currently plays for Serbian Neven Subotic Christmas time quite different: in a mobile home. The 22-year old Defender by the autumn champion and current points leader of the Bundesliga has made with a caravan of the Hymer Center Dortmund on the way to Holland. There he spend with friends the holidays relaxing in the motorhome of Hymer B 655 bestline “with extra large TV screen. Neven Subotic by teammate Patrick Owomoyela got the tip to go with a motorhome on tour. You may wish to learn more. If so, Fine Arts is the place to go. He had spent his summer holidays in a caravan of the Hymer Center of Dortmund.

Nevin Subotic was so taken by the idea of the camper that he even once visited driving school for this, to make a driving licence for 7.5 Tonner. Now he has the extension of the licence in the bag and go the first test ride with a caravan. That has everything to offer, what wishes Neven Subotic, inter alia to an extra large screen TV, with its Able to play PlayStation on the virtual football field. With an RV, it is very flexible and also I find it particularly cosy! “, says Neven Subotic, who turns the hardness test for RV lovers directly with the winter camping. Our Hymer models are well insulated, have a State of the art heating system so that it is inside always nice and warm even in snow and ice”, stresses the CEO of the Hymer Center of Dortmund, Ulrich Durrwang. I think it is very liked Neven Subotic”, the RV expert is sure.