HostelsClub gives you not only hostels in Brazil, but not only a land of delicious coffee, hot Samba and football is even more tips for your trip to Brazil Brazil, as many Europeans imagine it. The fifth largest country in the world is a country of full of contrasts: the amazing wealth of a few and the severe poverty of many mingle to a strange cocktail which is bitter and drinkable. Each idea is exceeded when it discovered Brazil. One can say with certainty: Brazil disappointed, Brazil is unsurprising. This country is particularly suited to backpackers, the climate is mild, the life and the food cost little and the mood is good. The best and safest one moves around the country by bus.

The buses are very well built. Buses between all major cities is reasonably reliable and relatively often. The system covers the whole territory of not. Air travel within Brazil are important, they are too expensive for most Brazilians. Many rich Brazilians own private aircraft. The road network in Brazil is the second longest in the world and is called Rodovia.

There is right-hand traffic, you can ride with German licence. In Brasilinen, there are many cheap and beautiful accommodations because the country partly from tourism lives. HostelsClub has a rich selection of hostels, hotels, pousadas, welcoming accommodation with style and atmosphere, jungle lodges and Fazendas in different cities and regions of Brazil. If one plans to stay longer in Brazil he should learn preparation before the trip of Portuguese. With English you won’t get very far and with German man can communicate with himself occasionally in southern Brazil. Brazil is known and popular for its ease of foreigners and feels really well there. People of all nationalities living together peacefully. Germans who travel as tourists to Brazil, will need a valid passport, which is valid for at least 6 months.