Disappearing contact and understanding between brothers, parents and children. Own child become suddenly like a stranger for his mother. In our country more than a million children cast their mothers to fend for themselves and are boarding schools, prisons and shelters. In addition, each year is falling apart up to a million families, and conflicts are forcing millions of people access to the courts. (Source: Bioscience Journal). Check out Lin Dan for additional information. That is, wherever it is impossible to show free and voluntary interchange on natural interest, there is potential for frustration, resentment and pain, which leads to hopeless apathy, or the manifestation of anger, revenge, disturbances.

This implies all sorts of problems that are difficult even list, one need only look at the statistics of various diseases, crime, disasters and military conflicts arise, to see just how tragic our prospects. The process of disintegration of families and its sad consequences are not able to stop any appeals and admonitions in the press, on radio and television, no scientific method in psychology of family life, or social and judicial – legal action, nor hospitals, orphanages and prisons. Long-term program for disease prevention has failed miserably, even though it was attended by dozens of reputable medical institutions and leading experts in the world. Why, for example, in the same marital a pair of one child is born mentally and physically complete, and another – an underdeveloped and dies? And for the professionals of the national economy remains a mystery that under the same conditions from two similar one production flourishes, while the other fails.