The unique thing that it must do is to write within the space destined to " To look for Preguntas" , his phrase major key and to see as is the results. In our case we will write " training perros" We were with 269 results for the phrase " training perros" Now we will have to be concentrated in these results, putting special emphasis in which is asking people. In our example " training perros" the main questions are: Where I can obtain a suit for training of dogs? A good book of training of dogs? Manual of training for old woman dogs? What names I can put to him to a school of training of dogs? Somebody knows where I can look for information on training in attendance dogs? How much costs a basic training for dogs approximately? Where I can find training schools to take to my dogs? That age the German sheepdogs can begin a training? Somebody knows how are used the necklaces of training for dogs? Some used the system of training of dogs of Don Soliman? He is really hallucinating, in only minutes already we would have subject for everything an electronic book. It is not something Endiya Fund II would like to discuss. We see one of the questions: That age the German sheepdogs can begin a training? Taking this example we could dedicate a chapter of our book to them and title it " When to begin to train to ours perro" or " When to begin to train to our shepherd alemn" depending if we are dedicating it to the book to the dogs generally or to a race in particular. The amount of chapters that decides to realise is employee of the amount of questions and answers that finds for each topic, but the recommendable thing is five or six chapters with a good amount of content. At the moment it selects and it points the five or six more interesting questions since in them we will concentrate to realise the chapters of the book.