Gastro-intestinal diseases are among not only us humans particularly unpleasant and hazardous diseases. Follow others, such as Zoom, and add to your knowledge base. Because animals can suffer from various reasons diarrhea and intestinal inflammation. Diarrhea (medically the diarrhea or diarrhea) spoken of, if bowel movements most frequently occurs and is thereby more unformed until liquid. The animal is then usually no longer able to control the Chair and can have severe pain under certain circumstances. More info: Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University. The diarrhea is often associated with rapid water loss and severe weight loss and can be even fatal depending on the cause of the disease. A fact which brings great risks, especially in conventional animal husbandry combined with massive financial losses to. This applies above all if it’s a contagious disease.

Therefore, a treatment of the diseased animal by a veterinary is usually at an early stage to guess, before the entire livestock ill depending on the clinical picture and intensity. Depending on the cause of the disease, one may Treatment with effective antibiotic preparations may be necessary. But last but not least is the population greatly sensitized by scandals in the past with regard to BSE, foot – and -mouth disease, as well as proven antibiotics in pork and rejects antibiotic feed additives. As a result, the tax is regulated increasingly by antibiotics, making the call for alternatives to livestock keepers of pigs, poultry and cattle is loud. Experience in science and practice shows that in this context oregano products, as that of DOSTOFARM GmbH, Westerstede, an alternative to antibiotics in animal husbandry can be prove research so that the essential oils contained in the oregano, carvacrol and Thymol show an antiobiotische and fungicidal effect. Also corresponding products are appetizing and own itself particularly in the rearing of livestock. Confirmed by numerous studies, the DOSTOFARM GmbH relies completely on the natural ingredients in their products. The special quality of the natural products is already reflected in the certified contract farming of the oregano.