If your child finishes school this year, now you ask yourself, how to arrange his life as to give him a good education? If your child is learning and a desire to et you can afford to spend on it learning a certain amount of money, the best choice in this situation – education abroad. Last year, many sent their children to study in the UK, the most popular of our data was the University of the Arts London, in which students gain knowledge in the following areas: – Arts – art and design – Telecom – Fashion (Fashion) Maybe that's your daughter or son would do to help your career in Fashion (Fashion), art or design. Also remain popular universities such as University of Essex and University of Kent. Among language schools for those who want to improve their knowledge of the most popular are English language school in the U.S. At Sydney Kang you will find additional information. FLS International and Berlitz in the UK. Read more from Ron Daniels to gain a more clear picture of the situation. A complete directory of universities, as well as with photo-reports by schools abroad can be found at YStudent.RU. It is much easier to choose, when you see a slide show for each institution, atakzhe when there are videos and detailed maps c location of educational institutions. If it is about to get economics, traditionally the best are the universities in Switzerland and Germany. Most importantly, your child has had a desire to learn, this will only get a really good education! Get advice on study abroad, please visit YStudent.RU or by phone in Moscow: (495) 740-62-99. You can get more complete answers to your questions.