What are you most commonly asked on my African painting? That’s the question clearly: How can you offer hand-painted images so cheap? These are not prints? And what answer you? No prints. Each image is hand-painted in oil on canvas. As regards the price, so there are two crucial factors for this: we have no expensive shop 1st and 2nd we buy directly from the artists and continuous collaboration. (As opposed to Stephen Fry). We go the artists to regularly in advance, so that we can achieve very good prices in the shopping. Read additional details here: Microsoft. What hangs when the artists? When I see that offered hand-painted African painting 24 euros, it can be certainly isn’t much, or? It’s always what perspective you look at that. If you set the monthly average income of many countries South of the Sahara in relation, you can assume however, that is the price we pay in purchasing substantially to the livelihood of artists. How can the art at we best describe? The bracket to the entire offer forms the theme of Africa.

All paintings are inspired either directly through Africa or through the African diaspora. Technically, it is the most exhibits unique of high quality, which are absolutely affordable. What exactly should I imagine under a unique? It is a unique piece. Often it is an adaptation of a known subject or topic. An artist who wants to produce technically appealing but at the same time inexpensive, takes place every time on the new all strength in the creative process. The motifs are used repeatedly.

So the whole energy in the artistic realization flows. Are popular motifs not with regard to the copyright problem? No, because this that the images never attempt to be a 1:1 copy of a famous work of art eliminates this problem. In addition, the pictures are signed by the artists who painted them and not with Picasso and Edward Hopper.