Thus establishing an adequate environment; making possible the expression of the feelings, ansiedades and expectations. To propitiate to not only teach, but as to learn with the facts I continue and mutual, characterizing educating in question of the health of this gestante. Educate yourself with thoughts from Campbell Soup Company. The Objective of the study is expressed pontuar the importance of the assistance of the nurse the gestante hipertensa in the prenatal one, of efficient form directed to get resulted positive and satisfactory, during these consultations. The nurses find great difficulty in dealing with the customer are of cure possibilities, thus appearing the sadness, anguish, the fear and sensation of impotence. Therefore, a bigger understanding of its proper feelings becomes necessary, where it has possibilities to improve through a continued education and to support the emotions lived deeply for itself and the others in the hospital environment if it becomes a facilitador in a confrontation of the activities of day-by-day, thus participating actively in the treatment, configuring a humanizado care. This study it implies in the necessities of if knowing the difficulties of these customers with gestacional hipertenso, prioritizing these atendimentos in the consultations of the prenatal one. Contributing for a reflexiva action of the health professional, making with that it assumes each time more the position of educator and person who orientates spreading clear information. In view of the necessity to develop a specialized job come back toward these customers whom deserving respect and dignity fitting to the professionals to offer and conscientious aiming at to favor the welfare. JUSTIFICATION This work will intend to contribute for future research, to improve the knowledge of the future nurses in relation to the gestacional hipertenso in the prenatal one, as to proceed how much to the therapeutical treatment, thus favoring the form education to guide the necessity of if giving assistance efficient, capable to guide importance to go periodically to the prenatal one, guiding the family of the importance of the together accompaniment husband or friend during the gestation.