International quality standards we meet certified companies were watching what changes and what measures had to be taken to meet the new, higher – international quality standards. Was clear, there is no fundamental revision. But a quality revision with changes, clarifications and extensions to the existing standard, for example, to the competence of staff (us: only certified detectives (ZAD) in permanent and no Subunternhmer unskilled forces), customer satisfaction (US annual average: 98.8%) or corrective actions for errors. Numerous opportunities for a certified company in an international comparison with other certified companies to find are correctly interpreted and applied in the new standard. Just in the more global competition, the unification of quality standards in the work of investigators is an increasingly important point in order to compete on the market and competitors verifiable and to delineate clearly with regard to quality, transparency and seriousness. Market strategically a certificate is used one in the constant competition company according to the new standard, to convincingly demonstrate the quality of its services to. For more and more clients from Germany and large international clients now “imperative” is the certificate awarded at all orders of a certain size to a company. We are therefore particularly forward that our detective agency as first us only private detective agency in all over Germany the strict requirements of the new DIN could comply with EN ISO 9001:2008, and within the framework of this year’s multi-day audit (audit) in three branches of our detective agency in Hanau, bad first checked Homburg and Berlin on the spot by two auditors of TuV Rheinland according to this standard and highly successfully certified.