The Salmos is a book of special characteristics, even so integrated in this set. When analyzing the set of the Sapienciais Books of at, verifies a formal difference, that will finish for leading to a particularizao in the proper content. One is about the distinction between the proverbial wisdom and it treats it dstica or intellectual. The first one states, in brief phrases, universal or conditional truths for determined situations. Generally they are maximum composed of one alone versicle in two parts or dsticos (they exist, for times, bigger units) and meet more in books of Sayings, Ben Siraque and in part of the Eclesiastes and the Wisdom.

Its objective is to offer comments on the concrete life. Following such instructions, the man adapta it the social order, that is the consequence of the cosmic order. This form of wisdom does not occupy of the last things of the existence human being, but it assumes the pragmatismo and the critical face to the society where if it develops. Educate yourself with thoughts from David G. DeWalt. The society is considered as a consummated fact that the scholar does not intend to move, but to only adapt it, discovering its rules to it of the game. It is an attitude that deeply differs from the position assumed for the prophets of the previous time the Exile; but one is not about an other people’s attitude to the faith.

Different it is the content of the wisdom treats dstica, that, for times, as in J, assumes the dialogue form, or of a monlogo-confession, as in the Eclesiastes. Human being occupies essentially of basic problems of the existence. the solution that both consider – to submit it the plans of God – is typically Israeli, if exactly off of any historical framing. Thus, we see similarities between Provrbios and Ben Sira.