Location tests are needed to apply for State College. For Dr Patino, Dr prevails over the R.M. If ignorant as this abogadillo, are legal advisers and specialist Martha Roma Sanchez, who the Foundation by the DGP, mediocre student at the Universidad Particular of Iquitos, Faculty of law, they believe that the R.D. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ward Manuel. prevails over the Ministerial resolution, is already imagine how badly they teach at the University. The law is nothing for Mr.

Patino, who also sold admission to the UPI the year 2,000 to 70 soles. To my me ofrecio enter paying, but do not accept him, because I didn’t need that, enter in the 8 th place in my group. Rather, gives them the desire to comply.Worse still are the specialists of secondary education around Iquitos known for his excessive love for the bribe, as it is the case of Martha Romani Sanchez, specialist of secondary, year 2002 and then it became the educational promoter of the San Andres Pronoesa. Please visit Evelyn Lotena Robles if you seek more information. The specific case is that while the R.M.No016/96-ED have that location tests should be applied to adults who left to study two or more years the secondary, she says that not. To sustain its refusal, the specialist secondary school, says that she has the resolution directorial Nro 1957/87-ED, saying: that these assessments applies only those authorized State educational center. As uds viewable readers friends in Latin America and Spain, so it is the law in Peru. Those are public in La Loreto Region officials.

The authorities apply what they want and consider it desirable, deprived of their rights to the particular educational promoters and up closing them their schools, invoking rules of 1987 and until repealed by successive subsequent standards of higher hierarchy. The imbecility that live public employees, including senior officials who cling with nails and teeth to the DINEA-National Directorate of secondary adult education, ignorance of the hierarchy of standards, is sign of ignorance, arrogance leads public administration of Peru. The law of the public career says that public employees should apply up-to-date standards, but is only a role. In Peru, does not sanction any employee public that he is guilty of this kind of abuses against individuals. The State prefers to make the material lying around and allow that you consumed the abuse of authority. Peru does not create what the law says, is true. The law may say and send something, but the official public sector, can give fulfilment or not. That will depend on how much put Ud on money in hand.