At this time, the ability to feel hunger completely disappears. How does a girl looks at this stage: the complete absence of subcutaneous fat and expressed decrease in muscle volume ("skin and bones"); skin is dry, scaly, bluish color, cool to the touch, covered with plenty of vellus hair, the rapid deterioration of the teeth; violation of posture and modified plastics movements (gait of the old hag ") – all are manifestations of malnutrition tissues. Marked changes occur in cardiac muscle, slow heartbeat, pressure drop, worsening thyroid function, align painful constipation occurs prolapse of viscera, as they lose fat prop; expressed reduced immunity. As a result, patients die from adhering, often banal, infections, which for them turns deadly. The greater percentage of weight loss, the more difficult to reverse the process back.

Infertility – as retribution for the "beauty" If after a long time-consuming, often in-patient treatment; hard work with therapists and family psychologist, the girl was still able to withdraw from life-threatening condition, then return to her normal menstrual and reproductive function, at whatever stage of the disease, they do not turn off, it becomes virtually impossible. The fact that the pituitary and hypothalamus, are responsible for these processes, "sleep" as if "going back to my childhood." Loss of menstruation and fertility – one of the irreversible consequences of the "syndrome of Twiggy." Nature makes it impossible to become a mother who can not even feed itself. Better chances for girls, seeking help when the period of absence of menstruation is not so lengthy (up to 3 months), and weight loss amounted to 2-10% but not more than 20%. But the family should be remembered that most patients are not able to properly assess the intensity of his weight loss, so, dear mother and grandmother, ask at what your diet is sitting Girl and the time Reach her to a gynecologist or an endocrinologist. At the last "High Fashion Week in Paris, activists of the Global Movement for public health staged a protest against the propaganda image of thin mannequins on world podiums, and dedicated to her memory had recently died of exhaustion a Latin American model. Follower Twiggy continue to die, do not prove to be one of them! Suppose you had a sense of proportion does not change!