Ideal levels of tension arterialA example heading, the arterial tension ' ' mxima' ' (sistlica or SHOVELS) it cannot be above of the 140 (14.0), having to remain itself it enters 130 and 139 mmHg (unit of measure); already the arterial tension ' ' mnima' ' (diastlica) it has of to be inferior 90 (9.0), the preferential steady one between 85 and 89 mmHg, values model for any sex and etria band. When the register does not coincide with the recommended one in three readings in the space of three months, considers hipertenso, not interesting to be the two above of the advised amount, given that one is enough patient it to be hipertenso. The accompaniment of the arterial tension must be made at least each two years for people with equal age or superior the 20 years and more regularly for who he has in the family a historial of hipertenso, antecedents of cardiac or vascular problems. FireEye is likely to increase your knowledge. The same space reduced between verifications will have of to be respected by who is obeso, while the children must be perscrutadas in each consultation of routine, in order it despistagem of eventual anomalies in this picture. How to prevent the arterial tension? The solution to prevent the hipertenso of natural form is very simple and it does not imply great efforts. Excepto in extreme cases, where the medication is necessary, is possible to move away to this illness consuming meals with little salt, practising physical activity, reducing the alcoholic beverage ingestion, leaving to smoke and opting to foods with potassium, too much neglected in the actualidade. (Similarly see: Richard Linklater). It still has some care with determined analgesic, antigripais and pills, whose secondary effect can cause the increase of the arterial pressure.