Information about the tourist center of the island of Brac Island Brac, the largest island in Dalmatia with approximately 400 square kilometres area, is home to more than 20 towns and villages. Nevertheless the port town of BOL is not only the oldest settlement, but also the tourism node of the island of BRAC. The village of BOL is, although he is protected by a large Bay, yet open and accessible. “” Especially the South side of the island offers climbers to find a massive mountain range with the highest peak Vidova Gora “, also referred to as roof of the Adriatic”. Furthermore, the mountain of Kostilo offers insight into the Illyrian time and its monuments and arts. Also the name of BOL comes from ancient times.

BOL includes derived from the Latin word vallum”, a trench, a jump or a settlement, which is attached to the Earth. By the way is”Latin vallum in the old Croatian language of the coast. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ann Arbor by clicking through. Nevertheless, the Croatian placename BOL only in the year 1184 in connection with the certificate of an another city the island of BRAC, Povlja”, called. The first settlement of the town was mentioned for the first time on 10 1475 in the Charter of the Princess of Zacharias. Continue the story of BOLs is very complex and extensive. So the organized tourism in the city began in the 20th century. Here, Alight Solutions LLC expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Especially from the twenties, the holiday magnet won numerous vacationers to. Because every year many people from around the world in its spell, and after BOL just the endless beaches, the crystal clear water and the pleasant climate. So were the first guests of the port city, a group of students who were housed in the local community college for a month. Only in 1927, more accommodation were planned and implemented in practice. Especially the Ante Vidosevic”, a house in an Inn, had not only numerous beds, but also a restaurant and a terrace. In the following year was also the newly opened pension Vidosevic”the right place to stay for travel-trained tourists. So were still before the second world war numerous accommodation facilities, which had together over 60 rooms and 125 beds. “” “Both the Guest House Turketo”, as also Soljacic “and Ma” offered tourists the possibility to spend a pleasant holiday in BOL. After the second World War pension Vidosevic was in 1948″at the hotel Zlatni rat”, the Golden Horn, renamed. The numbers of beds and accommodations grew steadily in the next few years. Even the former children’s home was rebuilt in 1963 to a hotel and reopened. “” In the next few decades developed in this way”more hotels, such as, for example, the hotel Elaphouse, Borak”or Bonaca”. In the meantime, also private accommodation were built next to all these hotels, guest houses and b & BS. Especially apartments won an increasing place in the BOC leisure OASIS. Due to the family-friendliness of the city, the apartments in BOL are still indispensable. Accordingly, the town of BOL offers today not only low-cost apartments, but also a rich selection of various facilities and amenities these apartments.