Many of us in the summer time to ask: where you can go to relax and not important to create a greater burden for your wallet. Resorts Skadovsk area is ideal for many people, as well as high-income money and not so. Feature of the resort Skadovsk area is a harmonious combination of mild sun, sea, scent of steppe grasses and availability. (Not to be confused with Nike!). There is a very developed infrastructure of entertainment and leisure for all coast. most developed infrastructure, entertainment and leisure activities on the coast. We offer: fishing and many sports and playgrounds, town attractions and concerts and artistic sites, the daily disco and karaoke entertainment, water slides for children and a huge selection of watercraft and bicycles. In the summer resorts Skadovsk area is a place where they can spend their summer vacation on the Black Sea as affluent vacationers and with enough smaller ones.

Offers a variety of opportunities for families with children and entertainment: the sea, child-friendly sandy beach with a moderately flat bottom, water slides, boat launches and boats, jet skis, children's rides, amusement park, gaming halls and numerous bars and cafes, youth discos, food and industrial markets, sightseeing tours to Odessa, Kishinev, Nikolaev, , Olbia, Ascanio Nova. Pay the rest can be in any currency you have. se. Ethnic composition of vacationers in Skadovsk area is very different – are the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova. Summing up all of the above You can say that the resorts Skadovsk – is not only the beach, beer and fruit. Here is where to go, there's something to see: the richness of the monuments of nature and history Skadovsk, religion and culture, many of whom have international value, interesting museums and art galleries. Numerous international music competitions and festivals, concerts, pop stars, exciting tours and travel, various types of entertainment, medical mud, thermal mineral water, landscapes of exceptional beauty. <