The first one is characterizes for the death absence, therefore for more serious than it is the clinical picture of the patient, never will have notice of a death to occur inside of a hospital. Thus, when he is possible if to foresee a death, the fastest possible sick person is transferred to one privative room. Already in camouflage retrospect occurs to the dissimulation of the death, evacuates the death for another sector, occulting it of the excessively accompanying ones of section, many times, using itself the excuse of the evacuation to simulate an eventual accomplishment of examinations. E, finally when the death is delivers the familiar ones, same the o trusts to the cares of specialized companies as the famous funerary store. Read more here: Richard Linklater. I know that I presented the vocs only points that I judged essences for the evolution of this subject.

Many tickets in my research exist that not yet> they are ready to be presented, but I know that I could pass a little of what I felt when developing this apanhado. It is truth that many qualified researchers work in this direction. This article is only one small one breaks up of the history of the influence of the capitalist behaviors in the religious matrix, what of certain form it involves each detail of our lives, what perhaps some perceive not yet it. Today pparently as many changes in these aspects do not exist, however, the man each time espiritualizado and compromised with the task to demystify the flagelos of the world, if return in its soul in the search of one more good agreement of the life and the true one felt that the death can offer and that not yet it is present in such a way how much at the beginning of the societies human beings.