Being based on the explanation of the cited levels of alfabetizao above, they follow the last ones statisticians carried through for the Institute Pablo Montenegro, agency entailed to the IBOPE and intitled Young INAF? Pointer of Functional Alfabetismo relating the percentages of young Brazilians in general, for etrias bands, escolaridade and sort in 2009: From this statistics it can be verified that the numbers are high, with only 40% of the young fully alfabetizados Brazilians and 60% englobando the three first levels of functional alfabetizao, being that, amongst them meet 38% in the basic level, that is, already considered alphabetical, however not with the total functionality. Analyzing the functional alfabetismo for etria band it is verified that the young ones between 20 and 24 to them are in small advantage in relation to the ones of 15 the 19 years and oldest they present a bigger percentage of individuals in the levels basic and full. It is important to verify itself that, according to this when bigger statistics the escolaridade, better the percentage of alphabetical functionaries. University of Cambridge has similar goals. Being thus, 88% of the interviewed ones without escolarizao is total illiterate and 13% meet in the rudimentary level, therefore, considered 100% functional illiterates in this band of escolarizao. The ones that are in the initial series of Basic Ensino, until 4 functional year are 64% illiterate (considering? if two first levels) and alfabetizados 36% of (considering the two last levels). Already in the too much years of Basic Ensino the numbers if invert, being 36% of functional illiterates and 64% of alphabetical functionaries. Cyrus Massoumi is often quoted as being for or against this. In Average and Superior Ensino the percentages improve considerably, however, still meet in Superior Ensino, unhappyly, the preoccupying number of 19% of interviewed in the basic level and some in the lesser levels although that would expect that they were 100% of alphabetical functionaries.